Ô A Virtual Dream (The Dragons Wrath, #1) ↠´ Download by Ï Brent Roth

Ô A Virtual Dream (The Dragons Wrath, #1) ↠´ Download by Ï Brent Roth I really liked this story The world is not dissimilar to other LitRPG fantasy world without excessive monsters and I don t recall seeing a dragon Dragon s Wrath is the game title, not the theme , however having a character who is simply trying to build a community of his own in an out of the way place brings a newer element not unique as Chaos Seeds is similar in this respect to the genre that I really enjoy The main character story is in first person starts in the far North where no other players want to be This serves two purposes, access to a unique game item and an out of the way place for him to build his little piece of the pie community There are plenty of obstacles to overcome, and the inevitable conflict with other players, that keeps the story moving and fun to read My final nod to the book is that I am now re reading the 3 book series and enjo Slow start, but gets goodThis has some of the best representations of a game world in this genre I have seen yet The rules and mechanics were mostly believable and made sense Reading about the main characters troubles in the real world got repetitive at first, but fortunately stopped soon enough.
When Brent Roth Suffered A Workplace Accident That Rendered Him Temporarily Immobile, He Found Himself Lying In Bed Dreaming Of A Better Life He Dreamed Of A Life Where Maintaining His Health Was No Longer A Daily Struggle, And Then When He Had Lost All Hope, He Had Discovered A New Virtual Reality Game On The Horizon A VR MMORPG That Offered Him Everything He Lacked In Real Life, Everything That Had Eluded Him A World Where He Could Find Adventure, Companionship, And Success All Wrapped Up In The Singular Package Of The Dragon S Wrath The Game Offered Him A Chance, A Chance For Salvation A Glimmer Of Hope It Was Better Than A Dream, It Was A Virtual Dream It s really pleasant read Only drawback is the fact that writer tried to create the protagonist after himself, which is quite normal But painting him as a perfect human being is a bit too much for me About the novel, writer s sense of humor and literary prowess are amazing This is my first litrpg, where the writer tried to make it as a regular novel with a good use of figurative language and well thought quips Good read.
I thought the first part or quarter of the book did not have that great of character interactions outside of the game world and the health issues or emotional trauma of the MC were quite over the top.
But the story definitely picks up and is quite enjoyable with the interactions improving quite a bit I liked the author s concept of building the settlement and kingdom instead of taking something that is already there.
Looking forward to the next book.
Every now and then, you will come across a book that will make you re evaluate things and begin to truly appreciate all of the subtle skills involved with even decently good writing, character, and story This book was one of those and it accomplished this task by doing such a poor job with all of the previously mentioned attributes.
The level of writing is sub par, to be generous Think of what level a 13 year old grasps the English language and you will have an idea Grammar and syntax mistakes occur with frequency and the tense will change from present to past from chapter to chapter and even sometimes from paragraph to paragraph.
I have a suspicion that the main character is actually just the author wearing a thin fictional skinwhich makes what I m about to say a bit awkward.
I found the main character to b It s fairly standard in it s setup the main character hasn t really had an easy life, but he s smart, intuitive and he is now an experienced Dragon s Wrath gamer after spending hours playing the beta and alpha tests If you are looking for something light which I was or an easy introduction to the LitRPG literature this is a good place to start There aren t too many unnecessary rule stats, the pacing is okay except for the flash backs and the world is explained just enough so the book is an easy read The level system is pretty weird, especially for the random encounters, and the concept of starting a village before getting enough xp to defend it is not new, but somehow it always works out in these books Also if you could program The major thing I liked was the city building aspect The real world bits where the character author was so perfect was getting a bit annoying.

First 25% of this is slow The rest is solid litrpg Follows a consistent path with alot of eastern equivalents person with a mild physical disability that includes alot of exposure to pain joins a VRMMO Through luck and observation they get some cool early power ups Jerks and assholes are introduced as future foils, women are introduced as future love interests etc Biggest deviation from the norm is the character leans toward establishing their own settlement in the almost abandoned North , toward raising it into a kingdom of sorts For those not familiar with the genre usually it s alot of leveling and dungeon crawling early, this character eschews that strategy in favor of creating a city which will grow independent of them En Great ReadCurrently one of the few western LitRPG novels out there, this book is off to a good start It is mostly world building and adventuring, interspersed with moments of Real Life The character interactions are fun, and there seems to immense room for the characters to grow This isn t a translated version of AlterWorld or Royal Road and Ark No It is a LitRPG novel written for an English speaking audience However, the book is somewhat short, and publishing date for book two is unknown If you re a gamer or just looking for a good read, this book is highly recommended.

Brent Roth is a fictional character in The Dragon s Wrath and was a tongue in cheek joke of a Pen Name lending to the first person narrative Now that I ve realized the mistake and the issues that might cause, it s sort of too late Ah well About me I started writing when I was a young adult but never thought about publishing or even letting others read my work Ultimately, after a series of eve