Trailer Ç Amory Wars Volume 1: The Second Stage Turbine Blade PDF by Ê Claudio Sánchez

Trailer Ç Amory Wars Volume 1: The Second Stage Turbine Blade PDF by Ê Claudio Sánchez Coheed and Cambria are one of my favourite bands I wanted to love this and have wanted to read it for years, I was so excited to finally immerse myself in the world Claudio has created, I was hoping reading the comics would make the story becomeclear to me but I still feel confused I haveto say but I don t have time to write it all down now so maybe I will come back to this review if I remember.
A disjointed disappointment So much potential not enough pages I look forward to the remake of this and hopefully Claudio can tell the story better with a better artist andof a budget.
I m not sure exactly how disappointed I am I like Coheed Cambria, and I love the idea of a prog rock band that makes all their albums about an epic scifi story What could be evenawesomely geeky Comic books to go along with the albums.
Now I never really paid much attention to the lyrics, so the graphic novel is my first real exposure to the story.
The concept is fine Even interesting.
But, my god, the writing is terrible.
And the art seems a little too Disney for the story The worst part, what made it impossible for me to enjoy this, is the narrative bubbles They read like the on screen text on a Korean variety show, either speaking the obvious or telling what the artist and writer didn t feel like showing The dialogue was bad but not horribly so but the narrative ugh.
Also, and maybe this is petty, the prise annoyed me.
They were female and naked, but they are Barbie dolls So either t I LOVE COHEED AND CAMBRIA Weird,than a little confusing, and not really in the good way.
I might ve liked itif I was into Coheed Cambria, but also I might not have because rape, yikes.

Sanchez s storytelling is wayeffective in music form, but I still think I ll finish all the issues.
First things first I really do enjoy this band I like the concept story behind the albums and always enjoyed scouring the internet looking for details to string together.
Unfortunately, I m not here to tell you that this comic is bad because I now have the story put out there in a readable format and that has taken away from that fun Nope Not at all.
First off, readable format It s about as coherent as a bunch of pieced together song lyrics go figure It jumps around so much I m hoping they were just trying to tell as much as they could as quickly as possible since they didn t know how long the series would actually stay in print Hell, Coheed pretty much gets told he has to kill his children and then just does it There is very little in place that shows he had much of a prob Although I read this serially, I have to say that I was quite impressed with the story telling ability of Claudio Sanchez Although I am a huge fan of Coheed Cambria, I was never certain whether or not the comics would be able to portray the enigmas that are ever present in the lyrics of their songs The story translates beautifully, however, with wonderful artwork accompanying a compelling storyline Although sometimes very brutal, the graphic novel explores the origin of the Crowing, and if you are a fan of Coheed Cambria, you will not want to miss this.
Two and a half stars Unimpressive art and somewhat boring plot characters, but something is drawing me in, so I ll probably readStupid Coheed and Cambria being so awesome I can t help but read their crappy comics.
From Coheed Cambria S Claudio Sanchez, Comes A Deeper Look Into The Saga Behind Their Best Selling Debut Album, The Second Stage Turbine Blade Coheed And Cambria Lead A Seemingly Normal, Quiet Life With Their Four Children Yet When Villainous Forces Behind The Mysterious Keywork Reveal Hard Hitting Truth S Behind The Couple S Real Nature, A Battle Begins That Crosses All Worlds

Claudio Paul Sanchez III born March 12, 1978, in Suffern, New York, United States is an American writer and musician of Puerto Rican and Italian descent best known for being the lead singer and guitarist for the alternative progressive rock group Coheed and Cambria He is the creator of the comic book series The Amory Wars, as well as Key of Z and Kill Audio, both co written with wife Chondra Ec