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Download Epub Format Û Rise of a Hero PDF by ↠´ Hilari Bell Very exciting book hard to put down I enjoyed seeing the characters evolve learning through hate, mistrust, hurt to work together to save their beloved country against an enemy that has invaded and almost taken over We learn that it is important to work together to save what you love than trying to do it alone or through hate and anger.
As I said in my review for book one in this series, I sided with the conquering army than the home team In Rise of a Hero we discover that the bad guys have conquered the land, and our heroes are trying to do whatever is needed to take back what was once theirs That means heavy travelling and fighting, both things that I don t like This may be a matter of taste than a critique of writing ability, but I found this novel to be awfully slow I didn t like the characters enough, or care about their plights enough, to enjoy this book.
Ages And Up Legend Has It That When Farsala Most Needs A Warrior To Lead It, Sorahb Will Be Restored By The God Azura That Time Has Come After A Devastating Loss To The Army Of The Hrum, Farsala Has All But Fallen Only The Walled City Of Mazad And A Few Of The Uninhabitable Regions Remain Free Of Hrum Rule, And They Seem Destined To Fall As Well Farsala Needs A Champion Now Three Young People Are Waging Battle As Best They Can Soraya, Jiaan, And Kavi, Their Lives Devastated By The Hrum, Are Each In A Personal Fight Against Their Common Enemy Apart, Their Chances Are Slim, As None Of Them Are Sorahb Reborn United, Perhaps They Can Succeed But Only Time S Wheel Can Bring Them Together If It Turns The Right Way If It Doesn T, Farsala Is Surely Doomed In The Sequel To The Critically Acclaimed Fall Of A Kingdom Formerly Entitled Flame , The First Book Of The Farsala Trilogy, Hilari Bell Draws Readers Deeper Into The Mythical Land Of Farsala And Weaves An Epic Tale Of Destiny And Danger Re read April 2015, rated 5 5 stars So, this is probably going to be as rambly as my review as the first one, because god to I love these books and god do I have a hard time not just SPEWING OUT THE LOVE THE POSSIBLY SPOILER Y LOVE IN REVIEWS LIKE THIS So I might be keeping it short.
BUT LET S TALK CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, MAN Our obvious super development comes from Soraya, because,wowbut also Fasal, who I ve accepted is probably my favorite character in this trilogy, gets a lot of it I love his relationship with Jiaan It s something that I think works well, even if Fasal is still sort of a spoiled deghan youth, and I think that they get along well They work well together I love them view spoiler It s like, I like their partnership as much as I like Michael Fisk, and also I sort of ship them, and also I m really dreadin The second entry in the Farsala Trilogy maintains the strengths and weaknesses of the first The plots of the three protagonists remain largely separate, only coming together at the end of the book Two of the heroes reluctant general Jiaan and peddler turned sabateur Kavi are working to delay the Hrum s conquest of Farsala, while former noblewoman Soraya tries to track down her mother and brother The book focuses on Soraya than the others, so her character arc moves the furthest.
As with the first book, this book s main limitation is the anachronistic views on society and morality Farsalan civilization is basically medieval Arabian, and yet the idea of keeping slaves is somehow anathema to all the Farsalans to the point that this forms the sole motivation for one of the protagonists A society where the nobility treat commoners as little better than animals The Hrun think Romans have invaded Farsala like the Persian Empiremaybe They destroyed Farsala s elite Army in their first attack and are now establishing control over the roads and cities Because of a Hrun policy intended to avoid prolonged wars that impoverish both winner and loser, they have only one year to pacify Farsala If they can t do that, they ll leave Although the Hrun bring, or at least promise, a relatively just system of law and governance, many Farsalans, even peasants who were oppressed under Farsala s former aristocracy, rise up against the Hrun, hoping to prevent them from gaining the kind of control they need in the year they are allowed From an outside perspective, this seems absurd The Hrun may not be perfect, but they offer Farsala a system that seems objectively better than it had before better fo This trilogy was a hidden gem I am so glad I found So far, the story has been gripping I love the interwoven perspectives and how you can sense as a reader the threads of each story coming closer together to create this colorful overview of the epic of this little kingdom fighting an invasion The characters are real, they have flaws, and the growth they experience throughout is interesting to observe Excited to read the next one Absolute power corrupts absolutely It seems neither the deghans nor the Hrum can be fair governors to the people I am caught up in the conflict The three main characters are brave and resourceful I am concerned with their enmity towards each other Of course, I will pursue their story in volume three of the series.

It was about high time that the second book in this trilogy was also due for a reread, and I am nothing short of satisfied, having finished it again For those interested in my review of the first book, you can find it here.
I think the thing that makes this book stand out fantastically from the first is that we see character evolution occurring in all three protagonists We had a bit of that happening before, but it s especially prominent in this book, while all three are taking action during this time of hardship while the Hrum are still trying to overtake Farsala Expect any thoughts or feelings you previously held about any of the three to shift and shake during this book, especially if you were not overly fond of Soraya in the first boo Farsala has fallen the mighty deghan warriors are no , and the Hrum are confident they ve won But Kavi, Soraya, and Jiaan are not as ready to admit defeat Soraya joins the Hrum camp as a kitchen worker, searching for records that will tell her where her mother and brother have been sold as slaves Jiaan gathers a peasant army Kavi sparks off a war of sabotage, spying, and subterfuge Farsala has fallen, but it is far from conquered.
Although the three stories are separate for most of the book, they mingle enough that the book is a cohesive whole Soraya loses much of her edge as she finally learns what it means to work she encounters much that makes her question her own treatment of her servants Jiaan, conversely, has to learn to take a leadership role, one that becomes increasingly difficult as he wrestles with decisions that cost

As far as writing is concerned, I call myself the poster child for persistence Songs of Power, the first novel I sold, was the 5th novel I d written When it sold I was working on novel 13 The next to sell, Navohar, was 12, and the next, A Matter of Profit, was 9 The Goblin Wood was 6, and the first Sorahb book, Flame later renamed Farsala Fall of a Kingdom , will be 15 You get the pict