æ The Search for Hidden, Sacred Knowledge ☆ Download by æ Dolores Cannon

æ The Search for Hidden, Sacred Knowledge ☆ Download by æ Dolores Cannon Wow, what an incredible book It is filled with stories of Dolores client s past life regressions I found it interesting how many of them used crystals for healing over the centuries, and how many came here with the intention of being healers Not to be famous, not to be rich, but to heal the earth, our oceans, animals, and humans.
Dolores last book Just enough to see through, not enough to be certain Leaves you wanting to know Let a personal journey begin Think for yourself, it is all available to you if you want it.
Many Of Us Lived Previous Lives As Keepers Of Sacred Knowledge That Was Taught In The Ancient Mystery Schools Much Of This Knowledge Was Lost Through Time Due To Disasters And Destruction Or Death The Knowledge Was Reserved For A Select Few Who Devoted Their Lives To Understanding And Teaching It Down Through Countless Centuries This Knowledge Was Protected, Those With The Knowledge Often Died Rather Than Let It Fall Into The Wrong Hands Now It Is No Longer Reserved Strictly For Oracles In Temples, Hermits In Caves, Or The Wise Few Cloistered In Secret Mystery Schools It Is Returning To Our Time And Is Now Available For All To Learn In Dolores Cannon S Last Book She Continues The Story Begun In Two Of Her Previous Works, Keepers Of The Garden And The Custodians Knowledge that people died for in other time periods is now readily available I enjoyed reading the descriptions of strange worlds that once existed, such as Isis, Babylon, ancient Egypt, people with unusual powers, and so on Is it true The subjects were not making it up, but it is difficult to imagine what these other earth worlds were like If it is not true, these accounts give reasons for the old temples and mysteries of earth.
Anthony Awesome book Dolores never disappoints Past life regression, healing, ufo s, it s all in this book I wish I would have met her or taken at least one of her classes before she transitioned.
This book tells us about many people who have had former lives were they have been hiding some sort of knowledge Be it them alone or as a part of a group Now that is all good and dandy but what I was hoping for was getting some insights in to this hidden knowledge But from that field there was nothing So to me a bit of a disappointment but I did how ever enjoy the book.
As with all of Dolores books, the topics are fascinating, even if the format is, at times, stiff they are the condensed transcripts of hypnotic healing sessions that she had performed with her clients The subject of the book binds the content together, which have been culled from her broad experience with thousands of individuals But the format can make for awkward, even difficult reading Nonetheless, the subjects are always fascinating, and the roots toward healing and a healing practice always enlightening, if sometimes hard to believe.
it embarks you on a journey to a parallel reality of our very well history of humankind parallel cause it s not a view that normal people we have shared but it s time to fully live in knowledge and wisdom of our world, and beyond.
it s time to move out from our comfort zone and explore within the hidden parts of our consciousness.
Dolores is one of the path makers of our time it s time to walk this path, the path of these new times that are coming The new Earth

Healing through hypnosis and being enlightened in a bookWhen I found this book, I was very excited I have not read any other Dolores Cannon books, but I have seen many of her videos on YouTube and know of her theories and I am very impressed with the amount of healing she can do with her hypnotic therapy This book did not disappoint.
To be brief, the format Dolores Cannon uses is that of a transcript of hypnotherapy sessions She starts this book with several cases that highlight other dimensions, higher knowledge, healing, etc She then moves to Lemuria, then Atlantis, then Pompeii, Stonehenge, and finally Mary Magdalene spouse of Jesus, or Yeshua It all is very interesting, but to me, and what I take with me, is that there is so much healing that can be done with her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique I have become an avid reader of the books put together by Dolores Cannon and this one is an exceptional read It is a book that has sat on my book shelf for around 18 months, patiently waiting until the time came for me to be pulled by the calling of its pages There are many resonating truths among the pages for me Many of the insights confirm my own OBE s.

Dolores Cannon is a past life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specializes in the recovery and cataloging of Lost Knowledge Her roots in hypnosis go back to the 1960s She has been specializing in past life therapy since 1979.Dolores has become, perhaps, the world s most unlikely expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus A retired Navy wife from Huntsville, AR, USA, Dolores was nearly fifty