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[ Read Online Taken (The Harvest #1) Ä algeria PDF ] by M.A. Church ↠´ We Are Not Alone In The Year Mankind S Never Ending Quest For Proof Life Exists In The Universe Is Answered In The Form Of Massive Space Ships That Appear Without Warning Above The Capitals Of All Major Nations The Name Of Their Planet Is Tah Nar And Is Dying The United States Sets Up A Lottery System, And Each Young Man Between The Ages Of Twenty Three And Twenty Eight Is Assigned A Number Once A Year, For The Next Five Years, Numbers Will Be Drawn And A New Set Of One Thousand Males Will Be Collected The Media Coined The Expression The Harvest For When The Tah Narian S Collect These Young MenCaptain Keyno Landium Shou Is A Tah Narian Starship Captain Who Has Been Granted The Right To Take A Mate, Any Mate, He Wants During The Last Harvest On Earth Dale Was Seventeen When The Aliens First Appeared His Parents Assumed He D Be Safe Since The Final Collection Would Be Done Before He Turned Twenty Three He Didn T Fall Within The Guidelines Established, So They Took For Granted He Had Nothing To FearThey Were Wrong I am DNF ing at 55% applying math, rounding up to the nearest zero and claiming this nonsense as read to compensate for my lost time and money.
Mild spoilers below Too many words in this book, too much food intake, too much your good ole WTF ery Here s an example 22 year old guy buys an extremely expensive nightshirt no pants, just the shirt to give himself courage and to convince his already sex crazed alien lover to take him to bed I d found a sexy nightshirt that clearly screamed, Take me to bed and fuck me silly Bleh.
I have no idea why the author even bothered to make the protagonist male Too much talk about pregnancy and being sick in every way possible while at it When I started the book I was hoping for an m m sci fi with angst 26% dnfIf not the horrible editing and amateur writing style, this could have been a 5 star read.
It read like a lot of free m m fiction I ve read online I thought Dale s thoughts, and actions were a bit too scattered, and he seemed to go from anger to acceptance a bit too quickly for my taste I never fully bought into his character progression The story had interesting moments, but I couldn t shake the feeling I was reading something I had read before.
This book should have hit all my tried and true buttons in m m romance dub con, aliens, sci fi Unfortunately, this book should be a case study in Writing 101 telling versus showing I forced myself to finish which is never a good thing, honey.
I enjoyed this one but early on in the book a sense of disappointment settled in and I could never shake it As with most of the books with forced matings abductions slavery restricted freedom themes that I have read, Dale gives in too easily for me He too easily lets go of his fear and anger and feelings of betrayal, too easily decides to try to get along because it s for the best He never really fights it and just once I want to read a story with these themes where the other character isn t easily forgiven or accepted and they don t immediately fall in love So my disappointment stems from what I want to see and don t than from anything actually wrong with this book view spoiler Keyno s people have brought their destruction upon themselves with their greed and selfishness, yet instead of learning from that they now go around using their greater te Overall book rating 4.
5 Audio book Narrator N ABook Cover 4 StarsI LOVE the Hair Not LIKE itLOVE it love itCrazy about it LOL Oh the possibilities And of course Keyno s tail Okay I m weird but have some imagination for heaven sake Why read sci fi if you lack imagination I for one had heaps of fun with this one I ve been craving something likewise since I read Lolita Lopez Grabbed by Vicious series I loved the concept and I LOVED having something likewise in MM form, seeing has MM is my main preference these days.
I really enjoyed the whole DNA altering thing and the changes it made Dale endure I would have liked it if the whole acceptance thing took a little longer yes, but in concept I perfectly understood why it was done the way it was Little things Main thing here is it took me out of the here and now Can t wait for the next one.
I never, ever would have thought this book would be so damned entertaining I really didn t want to put it down until it was over Kinky as hell seeing as the alien mate could use his hair and tail in.
interesting ways There wasn t an actual pregnancy for the MC in this book but the entire story was based on repopulating the planet so it still fits in that category I m shocked I like it so much but there it is.
Surprisingly, I liked this novel No scratch that, I kinda loved this novel and it s really really surprising because my bestie hated it Usually, when my bestie Lyn doesn t like something, I won t even pick up that book But the blurb of this novel really intrigued me and I was in for some fluffy sci fi romance so I gave this one a chance and I m glad that I did In 2050, the humans finally realize that they are indeed not alone in the universe because some aliens contacted earth for some reason And the reason is to harvest human males for their reproduction Dale was a victim of the program and now selected to become a mate of a big, bad alien The thing is he s actually underaged and wasn t supposed to be collected as one Confus In my opinion there are too few m m Science Fiction stories out there and so I was very excited when I saw this one at Storm Moon Press The plot takes the premise that an alien species arrives at Earth and makes a treaty with Earth s leaders The Tah Narians need humans to help them with a breeding programme after a devastating chemical war with a neighbouring species wipes out their ability to reproduce Earth agrees to let the Tah Narians have 1,000 men, over the age of 25, each year for 7 years.
The story has a tense, terrific opening with poor Dale snatched from the arms of his family and forced against his will to be the mate of an alien Keyno Dale is filled with impotent rage as he is under the age limit and should never have been taken This helplessness is built further as Dale discovers the true extent of his country s betrayal and just how impossible it will be for h

M.A Church is a true Southern belle who spent many years in the elementary education sector Now she spends her days lost in fantasy worlds, arguing with hardheaded aliens on far off planets, herding her numerous shifters, or trying to tempt her country boys away from their fishing poles It s a full time job, but hey, someone s gotta do it When not writing, she s on the back porch tending to th