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[Candace Knoebel] Ç Everlost (Night Watchmen, #3) [canada PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ 5 starsGoodreads I NEED MORE Each of these novels has me falling eveninto the world of the watchmen I can t seem to get enough of the characters and their stories The journey alone that they have endeavored has me addicted.
If you have read this far into the series then you are as hooked as we are It is quite the addicting set of characters If you are new to the series please go back to book1, this is book three and will contain spoilers for the first two novels.
This novel was really about growth Each of the characters had their own struggles to come to term with, least of all Jaxen He had a lot going on in terms of his love and now the return of his mother This alone gave us a full plot line Throw in the tension we have with Weldon and Jezi and it made for a great b Hmm Mixed feelings on this one I got bored half way through, and it was a struggle for me to finish this Essentially, I just wasn t invested enough in the characters There was too much inner monologue from the female lead for meand the constant questioning of herself about how she is going to save the world became repetitive I think it was quite simply too young adult I m quite sad about this, because I think that this book series could have had great potential Anyway, you cant please everyone all the time, and plenty of other people seem to like it.
Blog Tour Post The Shadow RealmI really don t know what to say This series just keeps getting better and better Everlost was a phenomenal read and I really don t know how Knoebel expects us to wait for the forth book because I need it NOW Everything that is revealed in this book left me reeling and had my head spinning with scenarios of how it is all gonna play out Of course Knoebel loves to throw in surprises so I was constantly second guessing as to what would happen next New players are introduced, and with them comes revelations that, I personally, have been dying to get.
Knoebel s writing is one of the best I have ever come across Her way of telling a story is so all consuming, so intoxicating, that everything around you disappears and all that is left are her words, her story She has such a magical quality to her wri I was so glad for the crew escaped from Clara, just hate how they seemed to sit around in this one I enjoyed Jaxen and Gavin getting to know about their mother s life since she has been gone I had a feeling about Charissa for awhile Now on to Cassie how could they not push a little harder to figure out why she was lapsing like she was throughout I just feel they would question but not push As for the end, I was really pissed at Faye for how she acted and how she put them in danger because of her temper I still love Weldon though EhThis has taken me forever to read through this book Faye is getting on my nerves I get having emotions, but she s always withdrawn and scared I was expecting a stronger character by the third book.

Just okay It took forever for me to read this one I tried starting it twice before and couldnt get ito it It felt like a lot of sitting around talking, planning, waiting Too many parts of Faye being all life philosophical Plus she keeps making rash, emotional decisions that end badly Of course there were good parts, but overall I didn t care for this one much at all.
Loved it anouther winner going straight into the next I remember buying the entire series on a whim a year ago I knew next to nothing about them, having only read the blurb for the first book I have to say that I do not regret that decision.
Faye s struggles grow harder and harder as the story progresses It s one step forward and three back At this point, you know all the characters and their quirks already You know them so well, that when one of them isn t themselves, you notice And it s heartbreaking because you can t do anything except watch and hope for the best It s then I realize just what I have to lose under this curse, or in this war What my death will steal away from me.
I ll lose the moments where his smile lights up like the sun Where his touch tells me secrets only we share Where a future of growing old I started reading this book as soon as I had finished reading the second book in this series I was really excited to read it and continue the character s story After really enjoying the last book, I had big expectations for this book I had some ideas as to where the plot could go, but luckily I didn t look too far into it because I just wanted the plot to take me on an adventure, and that s exactly what it did The plot was full of twist and turns and my head was spinning by the end lol The author put so much into this book and it left me hooked and desperate to find out what was going to happen next for the characters I really can t find the words to describe the plot because it just blew me away and was completely different to anything I ve ever One Truth Will Unravel Them AllFaye Middleton Thought The Worst Had Come To Pass The Night She And Her Friends Barely Escaped From Ethryeal City And The Clutches Of The Evil Priestess Clara Officially Shunned From The Coven, Faye Is Forced To Lay Low In Order To Come Up With A Plan To Bring Clara DownAt Jaxen S Childhood Manor, They Were Supposed To Be Safe From Any Outside Issues, And They Were Until His Long Lost Mother Shows Up Determined To Win Back What She Lost So Long Ago, Evangeline Reveals A Secret That Could Shatter Their Beliefs, Or Be Their Saving Grace Now, With Two Covens Searching For Faye, They Must Find A Way To Start Over With The Help Of The Rebellion, They Begin The Arduous Task Of Forming Their Own Army However, The Choices They Are Faced With Leave Them Questioning Everything They Ve Ever Known