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☆ Read ↠´ Youre Freer Than You Think by Bob Duncan ✓ You Re Freer Than You Think Is A True Story About One Man S Discovery Of An Age Old Truth About This Life At A Point In Life When Hope Had Vanished, One Night During A Raging Storm An Awareness Overcame Him In A Passing Moment, All The Fears That Had Tormented Him Fell Away And The Only Thing That Remained Was The Truth Shining In Front Of Him That He Was Freer Than He Knew Despite Being Sequestered In A Remote Location, Unable To Speak The Local Languages, Financially Broke And Unaware Of Exactly Where He Was On The Map, The Following Day, In Blind Faith He Acted Upon The Mysterious Newfound Wisdom What Followed Over The Next Hours, Were An Unlikely Series Of Circumstances For Two Days The Energy Just Held As He Continued To Proceed From One Opened Door To The Next The Astonishing Outcome Left Him In New And Unexplored Territories Of His Mind And Soul A Key Had Been Forged A Key Which Has Continued To Unlock Doors Ever SinceOver The Years, In Relating These Incredible Accounts To Others, People Repeatedly Encouraged Him To Write A Book Urging Him To Tell Others This Short Story Is The First Of A Number Of Short Stories It Relates Those First Two Unexplainable Occurrences That Resulted In Taking Leaps Of Faith Into The Unknown This Short Story Will Remind You Or Possibly Tell You For The Very First Time You Re Freer Than You Think

Great storyI thoroughly enjoyed this book.
A real story of abundance lived outside the walls of closed mindedness.
This is an inspiration to stop shorting yourself on life because of fear and negative thinking.

Bob Duncan was born in Texas, but left at the age of 18 to travel the world He successfully created new careers for himself along the way, including becoming a business owner in New York, a narrator for documentaries, and the creative director for an advertising company in Los Angeles His life has had its share of challenges, which he transmuted using the power of vision and persistence Having