õ His Call (Call, #2.5) Ç Download by ✓ Emma Hart

õ His Call (Call, #2.5) Ç Download by ✓ Emma Hart His Call includes several scenes from the Call Duology written in Aaron s perspective, which is fun since Aaron Stone is such a fun character To be honest, when I started this fairly short story, I wondered if it might be much of the same that I already know of Aaron from the first two books HOWEVER, at about the point in the series that Naomi begins acting up, Aaron s thoughts and perspective really becomes new to me and this story picks up a great deal I liked being inside of his head during some of the key scenes, particularly toward the end of the series Fun addition to this duology Fairly short, quick read Not at all necessary to the series, but certainly a fun read if you re a fan of Aaron.
Nice quick read Great to hear Aaron s side , Words Ten Scenes Seven You Thought You Knew Three You Never Did In This CALL Series Novella, Get Inside Aaron Stone S Head For The Very First Time Experience Some Of Your Favourite Scenes From LATE CALL And FINAL CALL From His Point Of View And Enjoy Three Brand New Scenes You Always Wondered About 3.
5 stars.
PerfectPerfect little insight to Aaron and to see what s was thinking of Day And a perfect little tease of the relationship they have I so loved getting to read Aaron POV between him and Dayton You really have to read Late Cal And Final Call first.
Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickHis Call by Emma Hart is a very short look into Aaron s POV from the Call Series This novella contains ten scenes told from Aaron s POV, seven of which the reader has seen before if you have read Late Call and Final Call with three scenes being brand new Because this novella is previous scenes told differently, this should be read after the two novels.
I will say that I really loved getting Aaron s POV With Late Call and Final Call being told completely from Dayton s POV, we were never really able to see where Aaron was coming from or what he was doing when he wasn t with Dayton There were so many pivotal events that occurred without Dayton present, that I had always wondered what really went down In His Call, it was great to see everything that Aaron had been up to behind the scenes and the lengths he Buy Link His Call Call 2.
5 This was an interesting installment to the call series I loved getting into Aaron s head This isn t a retelling of either book or a recreation of the Call Series books but from his POV This is just strictly certain scenes from both Late Call and Final Call told from his mind Emma picked out the most important scenes from those books and told us what Aaron was thinking and feeling If you have read the Call Series then I would suggest reading this book so you get both sides of the story DO NOT read this if you haven t read the first two books.
Late Call and Final Call His call won t make any sense to you.
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SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVE NOT read THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES PLEASE DON T read THIS REVIEW I am so freakin excited Emma decided to write Aaorn s point of view for two reasons one it s Aaron freakin Stone ladies, and two we got to get inside his pervy little mind and see how he functioned, it s still early Amusement threads through her tone amusement I plan to eff right out of her I really loved the fact Emma wrote some never before read scenes because I was always wondering what was going through Aaron s head or what he was doing to win back Dayton in the second book, and I hate how I was left wondering so it s great we got to see what lengths and measures he went through I m seriously excited for Tyler s book and I can t wait to see if Aaron and Dayton pay him a little visit.
I love love love this series This is Aaron s POV on some of the highlights of books 1 and 2 Scorching Hoooootttttt squeeeeelllllll And there s a sneak peak on wild temptation Oh my f God It was goooood Can t wait for it