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[Ian Richards] ï House of Many Doors [world-war-i PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ I loved this book It was a fun read, and great escape The author creates a world of magic, and incorporates the many facets of magic into an entertaining story, with endearing characters, and scary, violent villains that help move the plot along I was very impressed with Ian Richards first novel, and hope to read any future books he may write.

Set in London, the story centers around Tony, a twelve year old boy being raised in an antiques shop by his only relative, his uncle, Martell Things really start to get dark and magical when Tony and Martell visit an illegal midnight auction, which ends in a disaster from which they barely escapeQuestions arise who is the Black Magician of Dover Street Why have a pair of assassins taken an interest in Martell and Tony And, most unsettling of all, what is the House of Many Doors I LOVE the characters in this book, particularly Sir Roderick and Vanessa The interactions between the characters lend humor to the story, which balances the darkness and high stakes perfectly They are well drawn out, believable, and easy to root for or Every Year On Halloween Night, Villains From Around The World Gather To Attend A Secretive Event Known As A Midnight Auction Here The Wealthy, The Diabolical And The Curious Get To Bid On Items From The Darker Side Of History Antique Spell books, Knives Used By Famous Murderers, Hands Of Glory It S Not The Kind Of Place For Those With A Weak Constitution And It S Certainly Not The Kind Of Place For A Twelve Year Old Boy, No Matter How Brave He Might Think He Is Tony Lott Lives With His Uncle In A Dusty Antiques Shop In London, England Joseph Martell Said Uncle Is An Old Man Harboring A Terrible Secret When The Pair Are Lured To The Grandest Midnight Auction Of All, They Find Themselves Caught Up In A Frightening Conspiracy At The Center Of The Puzzle Lies Marshwood, The House of Many Doors But What Does Its Owner Want With Tony And Why Is A Teenage Witch With A Short Temper The Key To Unraveling The Whole Mystery

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