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[ Read Online Arjac Rockfist: Anvil of Fenris Ì norman PDF ] by Ben Counter Ê One Of The Great Sagas Of Space Wolf Legend, Arjac Rockfist, Champion Of Fenris, Faces A Swarm Of Monstrous Tyranids At The Gates Of The Fang Itself Take Up Your Ale, Warrior Of The Space Wolves, And Heed The Words Of The Skjald As He Tells The Tale Of One Of Our Mightiest Brothers Hear Of The Humble Beginnings Of The One We Know As The Anvil Of Fenris, And How He Answered The Call Of Destiny When The Kraken Invaded Asaheim Itself Hear Of His Heroic Actions In Fighting The Spawn Of The Tyranids And Saving The Fang From Their Depredations Hear The Story Of Arjac Rockfist, And Glory That Such A Warrior Walks Among Us It S Good, Old Fashioned Space Wolves Action, Told In Unique Fashion As A Skjald Of The Chapter Would In The Feasting Hall, Complete With Deliberately Archaic Language And Over The Top Drama

Written by Ben Counter as part of the Lords of the Space Marines series, this is a novella length book available in two formats the deluxe limited edition complete with additional audio drama and ornate case, and the standard limited edition as reviewed Bound underneath the dust cover in grey leather effect and embossed with Fenrisian runes, as limited editions go this is an absolute beauty Unlike ebooks, physical books offer a wonderfully tactile experience, and this one takes things one step further in its sheer luxuriousness.
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Ben Counter, as well as making several contributions to Inferno magazine, has written the Soul Drinkers and Grey Knights series and two Horus Heresy novels for the Black Library He is an ancient history graduate and avid miniature painter with a bronze demon under his belt.