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Download Epub Format  Starts with F, Ends with U (Starts with F, Ends with U #1-13) PDF by ✓ RemainNameless Teen Wolf FanficAgent McCall Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale Stiles StilinskiAn Alternate But Compliant Canon Wherein Rafael McCall And Stiles Hook Up Pre Werewolf Shenanigans When McCall Comes Back To Beacon Hills, It Quickly Spirals Out Of Stiles Control Derek Becomes His Sole Confidant, His Anchor, And Maybe SomethingWords Complete In Partsoriginal Post 4.
5 stars for sticking with me It s kind of hard to forget and it took days to feel clean after.
Ok Finally able to write a review This fic was long but good I feel gross having been turned on while being equally squicked by the situation Rafa is a manipulative dickbag and Stiles is 15 and too young to know better Extra squicky is the reveal of childhood influence interference Wilfully parading your junk around an 8 year old boy is pretty creepy It all starts before werewolves Stiles is so unprepared for this.
Full of daddy kink that is seriously hot while being gross It s smart because it puts you in Stiles shoes Young, turned on, wants it and doesn t at the same time, from this older attractive person who seems to care for and desire h Four Stars for the first two parts which were beyond filthy and, like the best Daddy kink, are troubling enough that I can t imagine forgetting them and will continue to ponder what I think it all means As other reviewers have noted, part three begins a bizarre sort of summary on the fly of the first three seasons of Teen Wolf that will be incomprehensible to those who haven t watched the show, and was was pretty dull and confusing even for those like me who have It did nothing to engage the reader with Stiles budding relationship with Derek, quite the opposite, and there was not enough focus on Rafael McCall to serve as substitute I quickly lost patience and gave up It s too bad because the author s definitely sussed out something in the show that might be really fruitful the Rafe Stiles pairing offers up a lot of potential for an addictive, self destructive relationship much like If you care, and please note that I have ZERO knowledge of this show and my comments are based solely on the story.
Multipart Series You hollow out my hungry eyes 3 StarsShort story of Stiles actively seeking a sexual partner at age 15 and ending up losing the vcard to Scott s estranged Dad, Rafa Quick, with some spanking, verbal humiliation and daddy kink Wanna break you down so badly 3 StarsContinued from part one Things don t go exactly as planned.
Wish you were the one that got away 2 StarsAlright, maybe if you ve watched the show that segment made sense, but the whole midsection with 12 different characters whirling through was a mass of confusion and undefined action I fucking skipped it after attempting to make sense of the first six paragraphs and having ZERO clue Once we drop that and have it back to Stiles and Rafa, I started reading again Nice hot and dirty talk Something alwa I can t explain You know when you go back to your read shelf, and you see that you ve read a book, it even shows 3 4 stars, and might remember the coverbut you couldn t really say what the story was about This isn t one of those A year from now, when I see this title, I ll remember it.
It wasn t perfect, but was memorable the fast forward chapter is the worstbut it was good to age Styles a little I wanted to shoot Scott s dad in the head The beginning was hotbut with a guilty feeling Styles is only 15 Luckily they fast forward a bit an make him older But then, the Daddy part goes from guilty hotnessto completely messed up.
The Sterek parts were good I don t want to give spoilers, soI enjoyed the story a lo This is one of the darkest fics I ve read and I couldn t get eough of it Actually, that s kind of a lie The first parts made me really uncomfortable, but I could t stop reading, then it seemed to change focus a little The middle was a bit bleh but the ending was great Started with a really fucked up Stiles Rafa situation and view spoiler ended with Sterek hide spoiler First half was great with some very hot and kinky scenes between Stiles and Rafe However, once Derek came into the picture, the story went downhill, which is surprising because I typically love Sterek I lost interest with the introduction of canon material, as I do not watch the show It got a little better toward the end but felt like a chore to finish With the uninteresting second half, I m left feeling I can t give it than 2.
5 stars I would only recommend the first few chapters if you re considering reading it, unless you watch the show.
Look at me Adding a story to GR Hope this is roughly how it s supposed to be done I even managed to contact the author Yay Review to come.
The beginning of this story is view spoiler hide spoiler 3.
5 stars Overall, I liked this, although I ve got to admit that sexy bits with Rafa were prob my favorite parts as horrible as that is to say But I still liked the Sterek development, their deep friendship and connection was nice and I liked the way Derek was there for Stiles I feel like Stiles should be smarter than this, but I guess I ve just gotta let that go.
1 You hollow out my hungry eyes Holy Fucking YOWZA Dirty wrong hotness I hate that Rafa is still such a dick, but that s kinda the point And Stiles is so stupid 2 Wanna break you down so badly I saw the big reveal coming, hence Stiles was being stupid But he s also 15 More dirty hot wrong 3 Wish you were the one that got away This one ended so effen hot But was also soooooo slow to get there I get that there was 2 seasons worth of stuff to recap with a slightly different perspective, but I was just trying to push through it t

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