ò The Star Explorer (America 2040, #5) Ç Download by ô Evan Innes

ò The Star Explorer (America 2040, #5) Ç Download by ô Evan Innes Good Science Fiction.
The Breathtaking Saga Of America S Conquest Of The Stars Explodes With Cosmic Force As Democracy S Brave New Pioneers Face The Deadliest Challenge Of AllVADERS Led By The Degenerate King Tulon, The Bese, A Sadistic Race Of Warrior Clones Are Marauding Through The Outer Planets, Driven By An Insatiable Greed For Power And A Thirst For Cruel Pleasures Now They Have Landed Thier Black Starships On The Metal Rich Planet Of Caan To Enslave A Primitive Society In Both Body And MindFENDERS America S First Settlers Among The Stars, The Courageous Pioneers Who Brought Peace And Liberty To The Planet Omega, Must Now Train Their Bravest Men And Women For War Their Valor, Skill And Sacrifice Are The Last Defenses Against An Alien Superrace With One Objective The Conquest Of The HeavensURAGE Bold Leaders Of A New Young Breed Of American Heroes, Cindy And Clay Girard Join Other Stell Willed And Passionate Colonists Dedicated To A Common Cause As The Struggle To Bring Democracy To The Final Frontier Continues, The Colonists Of Omega Must Destroy The Forces Of Evil In All Their Many Masks From The Seductive Love Drug Of The Beautiful Emperans To The Deadly Technology And Fiery Malevolence Of A Sinister Adversary From The Blackest Corner Of The Galaxy Seems like the editors decided to end the series quickly The last book felt rushed and the ending felt forced.

Meh I read these because my Significant Other loved them and gave the series to me Wagons West in space.
Book fiveas far as I can tell the last in the series Not as good as the earlier ones, but still an enjoyable adventure.

Evan Innes is a pseudonym of American author