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☆ Best Kept Secrets ↠´ Download by Ï Evangeline Anderson Like other reviewers, this book was not really a taboo book which, for me, is a good thing as I find the step brother thing super icky However, this book is scorching hot Evangeline really has a wicked way with words Be sure that it what you want to be reading.
Love it Cassandra And Josh Are Xenobiologists Traveling Around The Universe Searching For New Forms Of Life Is Exciting And Cass Is Never Lonely Because Josh Is There He Is Sweet, Funny, Kind And Handsome Everything Cass Has Ever Wanted In A Man But He S Also Her Stepbrother There S Never Been Anything But Normal Affection Between The Two Of Them Until They Encounter The Truth Plant Of SvortzaThe Truth Plant Is Said To Have Strange Properties It Forces All Who Come In Contact With It To Act On Their Deepest Emotions Cass Is Skeptical Of The Rumors Until Josh Is Sprayed With The Plant S Secretions And Begins Having Fugue States Where He Is A Mindless Creature Bent Only On Satisfying His Sexual Hunger Now, Trapped On An Alien World, Cassandra Is Learning A Lesson In Submission And Forbidden Lust She Knows She Must Keep Josh S Actions Secret From Him Or He Will Hate Himself Forever But Some Secrets Are Just Too Big To Keep Note Cassie And Josh Have No Blood Ties And Their Relationship Is Fully Consensual However, Some Readers, Particularly Those With A History Of Sexual Abuse Or Incest, May Find This Story Disturbing I think I m addicted to these types of books.
It s been years since I read an Evangeline Anderson book but I remember her writing being hot, erotic, and decent reads In fact I remember quite liking several of her m m books So I took a chance on her m f book, Best Kept Secrets I thought it was an incest book, but it actually the brother and sister are only step and not actually related That s ok because the two have enough angst that you would think they were blood related fifteen times over and the worst sin in the entire universe was two step siblings getting it on when they live alone on a ship and hop from planet to planet with only minimal interaction with anyone else So the drama is manufactured in numerous ways that made me roll my eyes severa good book.
Hearts on Fire Review 4 1 2 stars original Review Published here lost her mother when she was young Her father remarried giving her an older stepbrother, Josh Her father was only married a month when he and Josh s mother both died leaving Cassandra an orphan Cassandra has little options but to go into foster care or seek out her relatives With really nowhere to turn, Josh goes to her side to take in his stepsister of one month so she can finish school and go to college.
Josh has all the traits woman look for in a man, he is sweet, funny and kind The fact that he is drop dead handsome does not hurt in the least Josh seems to have secretly fallen in love with Cassandra but fights it because he has helped raise her We only get to see Josh through Cassandra s eyes but I would have loved to know what he thought throughout the story.
The truth plant affected Josh is ways he was not a Best Kept Secrets by Evangeline Anderson is a story about a step brother and sister, Josh and Cassie who are really thrust together when their parents die Cassie is still under aged and her future is bleak Josh steps in and helps her giving her a safe home and education to pursue her dreams.
While it is on the line of risqu I personally didn t feel icky or creeped out that Cassie and Josh are step siblings It does play into the story very well, and for me just added to this storyline The planet they encounter, the plant, the weird alien that wasconfusing than their relationship itself However I really loved the heat level and main story of Josh and Cassie I think as long as you concentrate on Cassie and Josh s

I read this following Forbidden by Evangeline Anderson, and I thought that book was okay As per my rating, you can tell that this book didn t agree with me.
This book was a collection of porn I found myself skimming it, wondering when the magic happens the moment you fall in love with the characters It didn t happen It had a plot, yes, but I wasn t moved by it None of the characters imprinted themselves on me I was wondering how two people who met as older teens considered themselves siblings It was a bit of a stretch for me For example, if as an older teen I would have gained an older step brother, I would have perceived him as the son of my parent s new love of his her life I think that at that age, you re a little too old to accept new siblings of non blood relation Sure you d accept them as family same way you would your in laws, but not that close.
I didn t find anything to end This books is lol And it s a porn.

Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing And yes, she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says I d rather be writing Honk if you see her She is thirty something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for