☆ Fallocaust (Fallocaust, #1) ¹ Download by Í Quil Carter

☆ Fallocaust (Fallocaust, #1) ¹ Download by Í Quil Carter Rating 3.
4 stars This was the fucking greywastes, not a Disney movie People got raped, people got hit, and people got eaten.
And this is only a small part of the lifestyle in the Greywastes One of the darkest book I ever read Set in a dystopian future, the few survivors of the Fallocaust, a big sestic radiation wave which destroyed almost every living creature, struggle to survive in a world dominated by mutant dogs, ravers and other horrible creatures, while the elite lives an apparent luxury existence on a faraway island ruled by the beautiful and evil King Silas.
It s a book full of graphic violence and gore Eating human flesh is common as eating pizza with friends on a Friday evening There are even recipes in case you d like to change your eating habits.
There s rape, non con sex and lots of drugs ab usePros The plot is compelling if you like gay psychopaths as m UMMMMMMMM THA FUCK So I had no expectations going into this A few friends were reading it and my pal Angela is a huge fan so I decided to give it a try She gave me all the warnings and said it wasn t for everyone but I guess it must have been for me because I gobbled up over 800pgs in 2 days.
So gather around children while I give a glimpse into what is known as The Fallocaust.
So its many years in the future and one man has destroyed the entire fucking world Like the earth is dead DEAD and people can survive barely But just like life is now, you have the elite the rulers, the ghetto rats, the greywasters, and indescribable monstrosity of people and animals it s fucking wild.
In the greywaste town of Aras we have Reaver the little psycho ass among his towns people He likes to kill and he s a brat but then the brat starts to fall in love with a boy named Killian and the rest you can 4.
5 StarsIt could have been so easy for me to play the cool hypercritical reviewer by picking apart out everything that s wrong with this beast of a book But I m not, as popularity for Fallocaust grows and believe me it will there will be someone else to dissect and eviscerate facets of this novel I hate them already, but only because I won t be able to argue against their points by saying than yeah but so what, it s still sooo good, the author is only young and it s his debut novel so come on, it s self published, give him a break suspend your belief just a little, this story and it s characters get under your skin to make your heart race like a racehorse and leave your palms all sweaty it s that good If that doesn t win the argument I ll just say fuck off, I don t care what you think anyway to which I will then One of the most graphically violent novels I have ever readThe premise of the book sounded really interesting and I have to admit it had possibilities But the way it was written really spoiled it First, there is the violence I get that the world the characters live in Rating 3.
5 starsReading Fallocaust was definitely an interesting experience I really like it and will definitely follow up with the sequel when it s released But because I really like it, and see the potential that s there, it makes its flaws apparent to my mind s eyes and pisses me off than it should.
What I really love about this book is that it does NOT pull its punches It s gory Very, very gory After all, we are talking about a dystopian society where the act of eating other humans is considered normal and even necessary Quil doesn t skimp on the details of that oh so chewy piece of ass meat, or the the process of gutting a human and stuffing it with some veggies to roast There s also violence and the presence of a sociopathic main character Reaver.
Which leads to a rare opportunity in the M M world of fiction to be able to sink into

I ll be honest, I do not read books that are 900 pages I do not like dystopian books, although I watch dystopian movies I do not like books with rape I don t like mans inhumanity to man Yet here I was reading this freaking long arsed, gruesome book about characters that are not warm and fuzzy cannibalism, rape, constant drug use, general inhumanity, torture, lies and manipulation form part of all the leading character s daily lives Everything I said I don t like I got into here Fallocaust absolutely sucked me in It shouldn t have It is not a perfect book It is too long, the editing needed help, and I was sayingNOway too often I fought with parts of the book and the characters But I loved these mega flawed and fu So, this book ruled my life for few weeks.
I didn t know anything about it before I start reading.
I saw it s tagged as dystopian mm, read the blurb, decided to try sample and this happenedI saw him smile a few times, and perhaps that s what got me started with the second glances.
What he was so happy about I don t know, didn t care really, but the prospect that this kid was sunny enough to flash the scissors was fascinating to meLike all things though, his happiness wasn t meant to be, and the reality of living in hell caught up with Killian.
Everything changed for him, when we ate his parents If you stumbled, backpaddled and thought say what , you pretty much had the same reaction as I did The reason I am mentioning this here is because at this point you are either interested or you want to get the hell o I have never ever been so mind fucked in my life AndI will never get this feeling back ever again AndFuck I think I smoked half a carton of cigs, 10 pots of coffee, endless supply of Pepsi in the 5 days it took me to devour this book My nervous system is a mess For a while I thought I was gonna have a heart attack from sheer nerves and adrenaline that was coursing through my veins The images, the feelings, the crazy fucked up, fucked up, OMG so fucked up world Quil Carter builds Its seered now into my very essence How the fuck do I move on I can t even describe I won t because if you like DARK and DIFFERENT and FUCKED UP and UNPUTDOWNABLE read THIS FUCKING BOOKBIG SHOUT OUT TO KRISTIE FOR NOT EVEN KNOWING THAT WE WERE GOING TO END UP BUDDY READING THIS AND FOR HOLDING MY HAND VIA TWITTER, GR AND FACEBOOK WHEN YOU REACH THE END GIRL, I there is stupid in the first ten pages of this book than i can imagine filling the entirety of human literature across the span of the multiverse, including every possible version of the eragon series.
it was so painful to read i kept stopping to ask people if it was a satire.
ten pages i couldn t take than ten pages wanna know how many there were to read before the end 892.
Over Two Hundred And Thirty Years Ago The Fallocaust Happened, Killing Almost Everything That Lived And Creating What Is Now Known As The Greywastes A Dead Wasteland Where Cannibalism Is A Necessity, Death Your Reality, And Life Before The Radiation Nothing But Pictures In Dog Eared Magazines Reaver Is A Greywaster, Living In A Small Block Controlled By A Distant Ruler Said To Have Started The Fallocaust He Is A Product Of The Savage World He Was Raised In And Prides Himself On Being Cold And Cruel Then Someone New To His Town Catches His Eye, Someone Different Than Everyone Else Without Knowing Why He Starts To Silently Stalk Him, Unaware Of Where It Will Lead HimAuthor S Note Fallocaust Has Now Been Edited By A Professional Editor The Second Edition Is Now Live As Of May Th

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