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[Courtland O.K. Smith] Ä The One Behind the Psychologist [boys-love PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ä Thank you to Booktasters for a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review So let me start by saying that I am literally allergic to negativity It s just too stressful to be negative, ya know With that being said, it absolutely pains me to write a review that I feel is minimum 51% negative I m making myself feel better by reasoning that it s simply MY opinion and no one is healthier nor wiser for taking it to heart I REALLY wanted to enjoy this book The title intrigued me and the fact that I enjoy reading about human behavior made this a must read Unfortunately the book s description didn t at all mesh with my understanding of the book s description Instead of a story about how the Dr s approach to his profession ulti Written as a sort of fictional memoir, The One Behind the Psychologist is a strangely good book Certainly not my typical read, having no real how would you put it drama or action sequences, this book follows Nick Thesiger, a mid level psychologist and all round narcissist, as he recounts the events leading up to his incarceration, where we meet him in chapter one MacGuffin.
At first, I kinda liked Nick I found him to be quick, quirky and actually pretty funny, but I decided that I liked him less and less as the book wore on His relationship with his wife, Julie, is to put it mildly strained To me, they seem like chalk and cheese her being over enthusiastic about almost everything, and always wanting to go out, see people an extrovert But Nick is the polar opposite He doesn t care any he s tired the life almost completely drained from him, and all New York City Psychologist Dr Nicholas Thesiger Has Lost His Wife, His Private Practice, And All Remnants Of His Former Privileged Life Now He Is Looking Back, Parsing The Layers Of Lies And Deceit, And Reliving The Time Leading Up To His Incarceration As He Struggles To Understand What Went Wrong, How He Went Wrong But Years Of Assuming Different Personalities To Aid His Patients Therapy, A Technique He Picked Up In Graduate School, Has Left Him Unsure Of What Is Real And What Is Construct Step Inside The Doctor S Life, Inside His Home, Inside His Office, Inside His Head And Find Out What Is Behind The Psychologist I received this book via BookTasters in exchange for an honest review Here goesI scored The One Behind the Psychologist by Courtland O.
K Smith a high 3 out of 5 stars I round down instead of up Please read below if you are interested in the reasoning behind my score.
Character Development 5Entertaining 3Plot 3 Flow of Story 5Gripping 3Immersive 5Well written 5Likely to recommend 3Likely to read a Sequel 3Praying for a Sequel NACharacter Development Characters had their own unique voices and personalities They were believable Smith seems to have a talent for making his characters come to life Even those who made only slight appearances, and there were a few, all had their own personalities and distinct voices His characters crossed genders, ages, races, and degrees of sanity Each character added another layer of depth t An amazing insight into the psyche of a psychologistPsychologist Dr Nick Thesiger, being incarcerated, reflects about his life, giving insight in his thoughts and feelings about his life, the relationship with his wife Julie, his patients and his approach to the world As a result, the reader learns him to be a misanthrope, not interested in others and their feelings, and absolutely not seld critic regarding his behavior and disregard towards those closest to him The picture that s given of him, through his own reflections, is that of an arrogant, troubled, anxious, unhappy and lonely man, who has difficulties in moving along with the rest of the world and believing in his abilities, because he is so focused in comparing himself to the economic success of others, that he is completely unaware of his th This is an interesting concept The psychologist, finding himself incarcerated with no re collection of the actual events leading upto him being in jail.
The best friend that accompanies Nick on a Tuesday night escape where they both skulk off to a bar to catch up, where Nick goes to escape his mundane life, his mundane wife, his mundane office patients Bill is also a psychologist Helping Nick as he has been imprisoned urging him to relay the events of the week leading up to him being incarcerated.
The problem is Nick is a chameleon, bending shaping into whatever his patients want him to be Telling them what they want to hear The therapy market is competitive His small office, his small apartment, he is barely breaking even He needs to adapt, yes, he needs to adjust, it s like a job interview of sorts, obtaining new patien A book that keeps your attention and makes you curious I did not find the plot to be full of surprises, but I was nevertheless very intrigued and kept on reading Page turner, but by no means shallow I especially liked that the author explains some concepts in psychology and therapy in a subtle way, by inserting them successfully when he talks about the patients of the main character This book made me analyze the situations and even correlate to or form certain opinions about the characters This, I believe, is a sign of very skilled writing The story is coherently presented and above all it realistically shows that even if we are great in helping other people it does not mean we are always capable to follow ourselves the advises we give other people A book that is a food for the brain, The One Behind the Psychologist is a story worth your time.
Ok this is not meOk this is definitely not my kind of book I found it hard going So didn t like it very much I liked how it was written however I just couldn t get into the story

I received this Book through Booktaster s Service and the Author I have been enlightened and entertained by the telling of the Protagonist s story through his own eyes The Psychologist is unhappy with his progress at the time of his life and age He is worried about money He goes into great detail about each Client and how he goes about helping them It is extremely interesting to me, a Psychiatric Nurse I cannot say much about the Psychologist without spoilers However I can tell you that the Author has crafted a suspenseful story about the dynamics between Doctor and Patient The Psychologist is both a study in Middle Aged crisis and an altruistic Keeper of the Oath he swore to keep in the therapeutic sessions of his Clients Its a fast reading story as you find yourself wanting to know what the Doctor will do next Very nicely done I am n I thank booktasters for sending me this book for a review, I enjoyed this book The writing style was simple and easily understandable.
Nick being a psychologist meets a lot of patients who has problems in their life As the first book in a trilogy, we see Nick having marital problems with Julie Nick and Bill being best friends and in the same profession meets at a bar daily to drink and discuss their problems We see a number of patients of Nick and their problems via emails, video chats, video, and face to face A good start for a series 4 5

Courtland O.K Smith is a native New Yorker who majored in Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, where he satisfied his creative impulses with a minor in Studio Art New York called him back for graduate studies in Psychology at New York University and he has been living and working in the city ever since.Or maybe it s a pseudonym with a fictitious bio cr