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[ Pdf A Leap of Love: A Novella ä medicine PDF ] by Catherine Lim ☆ Quite a typical plot.
But it's better than the movie:) the most unrealistic storyline i’ve ever read, conceived from the most unrealistic premises, culminating in the most unrealistic of endings.
Catherine Lim has written FAR BETTER books than this.
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Every four years, she makes a leap of logic rather than a leap of love.
Charming A sweet story but while it was well narrated, the dialogues were annoyingly spoken.
Admittedly, many Singaporeans speak with a local accent but not everyone does.
In this narration, all the characters speak that way.
At the start of the story, the author was able to clearly develop the characters and the storyline.
The author was able to put in plenty of flashbacks without confusing the readers between the now and the past.
However, after the heroine has almost overcome her "demon" and about to confront it to finally put at end to it all, a sudden twist of fate resulted to an ending totally opposite of what the author seemed to have painstakingly tried to drive at all along.

Oh well, Singaporeans must be loves of good endings just like Filipinos are.

A good read for believers of loveatfirstsight and fate.
Was an ok read.
I couldn't relate to Lilin, she seemed like a stereotypical character.
What I could relate to was her sense of playfulness, desire to explore new things, and her sense of perception.

There were some really beautifully written prose here though, like the analogy of relationships to a return in investment and so on.

Finished listening to ‘A Leap of Love:A Novella’ by Catherine Lim on @storytel.

Set in Singapore, the story is about Liann and her tryst with love.
Wanting a romantic escapade from a mundane routine life, Liann doesn’t want to have an average boyfriend whom she will eventually marry.
Instead, she aspires for a dream guy, who will magically transform her life, just like she has read in those books while growing up (umm.
haven’t all of us done that).
And when she finally meets Jeremy, her dream man on an eventful Leap Year day when Jeremy just cannot refuse her offer to date, as per old Leap Year tradition, she thinks that he finally is the one.
Until fate starts testing her, one lea Wonderfully written story about a lady who treats love as something sacred and divinely inspired as she allowed her heart to lead towards the fated individual.
Although I felt that she should have included practicality into the equation given her level of intellect, it really depicts the mechanics of how someone who has been /blinded/ by the light of love could just brush off her string of suitors (who were really good ones!) :') (Can I just emphasize on how Catherine's language makes me want to reread each sentence? I can't move on how beautifully she describes each scene.

林宝音 in Chinese

Catherine Lim Poh Imm (Chinese: 林宝音; pinyin: Lín Bǎoyīn, born 21 March 1942) is a Singaporean fiction author known for writing about Singapore society and of themes of traditional Chinese culture. Hailed as the "doyenne of Singapore writers", Lim has published nine collections of short stories, five novels, two poetry collections, and numerous political commentaries to date.

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