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[ Pdf The Rumour Mill ✓ tudor-period PDF ] by Roxy Jacenko Ç I sort of glazed through this book with no real interest points for me I was really excited to read it as I had read the first book by Roxy Jacenko and enjoyed it but this was just a bit blah for me Not the best read I found myself rushing through it so I could get on to my next book I am terrified of writing a review of this book I expect Queen Roxy to tear me a new one, but its the price I have to pay, as I m sure she would appreciate honesty, rather than another fawning glowing review of her book thats probably less than accurate I wanted this to be good I actually enjoyed the first book, as the best part of these pseudo fiction works is that there s enough detail in there to let you know who she s dishing the dirt on, but enough mystery to ensure it s not libellous That s the big draw is the guesswork This book tried to use the same formula but not to the same success as that of its predecessor I feel like this book was meant to be something else, along the lines of the ex employee seeking revenge plot, but it g Jazzy Lou Is Back And Busier Than Ever Queen Bee, Her Fabulous PR Firm, Is Going From Strength To Strength With An Ever Expanding Roster Of Clients, Including The Hottest New International DesignerAt Home, Jazzy Has Her Hands Full With Her Baby Girl Fifi, As Well As The Planning Of Her Upcoming Wedding To Michael But Just As Everything Seems To Be Falling Into Place, Jazzy Discovers That Her Old Boss, The Evil Diane Wilderstein, Has Resurfaced And Has Her Heart Set On Poaching Jazzy S Queen Bee Clients Meanwhile, Someone Is Trying To Bring Her Down By Circulating A Poisonous Voicemail To ALL Of Sydney S Media Will They Succeed In Destroying Everything Jazzy Has Worked So Hard For Or Will Jazzy Find A Way To Save Herself And Queen Bee Sit Back And Enjoy This Fast Paced Peek Inside The Glamorous World Of Sydney S Hottest PR Agency The book is focused on random name dropping and pretentiousness than written with an actual plot story line.
I absolutely loved this I understand why some may not enjoy it however, it s fantastic chick lit The storyline is interesting and keeps you wanting , especially the ending that has you on the edge of your seat begging for a third installment You can t help but love Jazzy Lou and all of her ambitions I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in the PR industry, glamour and chick lit A solid holiday read, enjoyable enough to while away a few hours without making you think too much I can t help liking the Jazzy Lou novels They may not set the world on fire, but sometimes all you want is an easy read The frenetic pac of the PR world makes this book a page turner, and the authors rep and experience gives the glimpse into the PR world some substance.
Reminiscent of Jess Rudd s foray into fiction, easy read with a strong female lead Def chick lit, but worthwhile giving it a go if you like the genre Loses a star for the cliffhanger ending I found the way the book finished up disappointing An enjoyable journey getting there though 3 stars.
Kind of reminded me of the book Charlize Theron s character wrote in the film Young Adult , where the protagonist is so fabulous and successful and good looking, and her only problem in life is that others are jealous of her Recommended for those who think Sex the City isn t shallow or superficial enough.

It was a rather flat book After reading the first few chapters I felt like it had promise, but it just kept dragging on It made me realise just how superficial this whole industry is However for a light holiday read it would suit.
Reading this book was like hanging out with a bunch of people and while you can see their mouths moving, all you hear is white noise Unlike her first book where I found myself rooting for her to succeed, I found this follow up novel to be pretentious and boastful It lacks any kind of insight or self reflection.
Sorry I don t really know who Roxy is and I certainly don t care about Sydney s celebrities downloaded this e book from the library not knowing what it was about.
No disrespect to Roxy and her successful PR firm

Roxy Jacenko is the powerhouse behind Sydney s hottest Fashion PR firm, Sweaty Betty Not only do the products she publicises make the pages of every magazine in town, but so does Roxy herself It s rare to see her away from the social pages She has starred in 2013 s Celebrity Apprentice, and her profile is only going up Roxy has previously published two books, Strictly Confidential and The Rumo