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[ Read Online Queen in Disguise (Star Wars: Jedi Readers Step 2) å regency PDF ] by Monica Kulling ☆ Not much else you can say about this one other than it s an easy reader book I picked it up to read to the kids, and to satisfy my own curiosity and interest in anything Star Wars in 2000, and for what it is it s pretty decent The stand out feature would definitely be the artwork by John Alvin, probably best known for his movie poster work that s his work on the Raiders of the Lost Ark one sheet As a collector, I d easily pick up others in this series I m looking at you, Darth Maul s Revenge but this is for folks under ten or completists only.
It may be for children but its a very cute story Padme just wanting to be one of the girls And honestly she kicks some serious butt at it.

Well written and age appropriate for the recommend reader however the material is extremely dated I could see this being much interesting to the reader when Phantom Menace was released but not so much now Artwork is worth noting on a positive level.
A book for children learning to read, but of course essential reading to my Star Wars completist brain Nice illustrations, but not a very interesting plot Kids might enjoy it , though.
Queen Amidala S Handmaidens Are Trained To Protect Her If She Is In Danger But Queen Amidala Wants To Learn To Defend Herself She Joins The Training Disguised As Padm So Her Handmaidens Won T Worry Can She Handle The Training read This Colorful Fully Illustrated Beginner Reader And Find Out

Monica Kulling was born in Vancouver, British Columbia She received a BA in creative writing from the University of Victoria Monica Kulling has published twenty six fiction and nonfiction books for children, including picture books, poetry, and biographies She is best known for introducing biography to children just learning to read and has written about Harriet Tubman, Houdini, Eleanor Rooseve