↠´ Falling for Her Fake Boyfriend 2 (Falling for Her Fake Boyfriend, #2) ✓ Download by ↠´ Ann King

↠´ Falling for Her Fake Boyfriend 2 (Falling for Her Fake Boyfriend, #2) ✓ Download by ↠´ Ann King This review is on the 2nd part of the story only For part 1 please look under that story.
I liked the first part of this story which is why I purchased this 2nd part Let me be clear, I would not have started either if I had known this is a seriel not a series I expected a stand a lone story within a series if other stand a line stories.
I was very disappointed This second part was not much longer than the first but not nearly as tight nor as interesting Although the author attempted to have a number of things happen, there was a lot of confussion and not much resolution Although some questions were answered, not all Some of the legal insinuations were also wrong I win t say what as it would give away the story.
While I cannot recommend this story, I hope the author ckntinues to write, encourage to even re write this story It should be one publication however,

Um, so the author is just not going to address the fact that Ethan stated he was engaged to Holly s roommate Huh, interesting That along with the continuous editing issues made me stop reading this series I thought that there was a possibility that the story could get better but this portion taking up a whole book in the series was unnecessary.
These were good books but just way too short.
PLEASE NOTE THERE IS AN UPDATED VERSION SECOND EDITION OF THIS STORY books PUBLISHED DECEMBER JANUARY One Passionate Night One Hot Kiss With Her Sexy Neighbor Her Life Would Never Be The Same AgainHolly Jackson Not Only Fell For Her Hot Neighbor, Ethan, But She Fell Hard In Love No Man Has Ever Stirred So Many Desirable Emotions Within Her Or Brought Her To The Brink Of Ecstasy And Beyond He Has Agreed To Be Her Fake Boyfriend For The Weekend But She S Getting Mixed Signals From HimDoes Ethan Want To Make Their Relationship Real, Or Is He Playing His Part For The Charade Maybe Holly read Too Much Into The Night Of Passionate Mind Blowing Sex Love Sucks When You Re Left Not Knowing Where You Really Stand And What S With Ethan S Hot And Cold Emotions She Really Thought There Was Something Between ThemAs They Head To Brooklyn Heights For Her Cousin S Wedding She Discovers That Ethan Has A Darksecret That He S Kept For The Past Ten Years A Burden Too Great For One To Bear Alone His Dark Past Will Either Tear Them Apart Or Draw Them Closer TogetherThe Sizzling Sequel To Falling For Her Fake Boyfriend

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