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[Tom Whyntie] × Introducing Particle Physics [pornography PDF] Ebook Epub Download È I found it as a nice fast introduction to even deep topics of Particle physics The book shows really well how science is not merely a one man show but a joint effort of scientists over a longer period of time with sometimes slower or even erroneous progress I found the graphical part to sometimes limit the information value However, I found it in general a good introduction to the topic which does not shy away from touching upon all the main contemporary subjects Probably not the best option for too young kids, but certainly worth skimming for anyone who starts to get interested in particle physics and wants to get a general picture.
A valid attempt at making it accessibleI am not going to pretend that I followed everything, but it is certainly not easy to condense this vast field if research into a small volume and this was a good attempt.
What Really Happens At The Most Fundamental Levels Of Nature Introducing Particle Physics Explores The Very Frontiers Of Our Knowledge, Even Showing How Particle Physicists Are Now Using Theory And Experiment To Probe Our Very Concept Of What Is RealFrom The Earliest History Of The Atomic Theory Through To Supersymmetry, Micro Black Holes, Dark Matter, The Higgs Boson, And The Possibly Mythical Graviton, Practising Physicist And CERN Contributor Tom Whyntie Gives Us A Mind Expanding Tour Of Cutting Edge ScienceFeaturing Brilliant Illustrations From Oliver Pugh, Introducing Particle Physics Is A Unique Tour Through The Most Astonishing And Challenging Science Being Undertaken Today A pretty solid entry in the series, but you ll probably have a difficult time following it unless you have read other things in the field It s a pretty complex, abstract subject, though, so it s not surprising that you might not have a solid grasp of the concepts after reading a comic about it Still, it s worth a read just understand that you are probably going to need to read other books to get a better understanding It s been a while, but I recall The Particle Hunters by Ne eman and Kirsh being quite good for this.
A good short introduction to quantum physics Easy to read and follow, and a great intro to read before the revamped LHC makes the rewrite it This book provides a basic introduction to particle physics.
The illustrations and text were relatively straight forward but I found many of the concepts were not explained clearly enough at least for me.
This is another graphic guide that helps open new areas of knowledge This is a complex topic and not one that can be fully comprehended through the reading of one book However, the book does a good job of providing history and context for the subject and makes one want to read The use of graphics is most helpful in some of these difficult subjects There is a combination of drawings and photographs that are most useful as are the dialogue balloons For tiny objects there are a lot of parts to a particle The issue of matter and anti matter is intriguing as is the way in which scientists build on each other s work and try to test theories in this case using expensive technology Unlike most of the books in this series, there is no bibliography which is disappointing since I want to read However, I am sure I can find addition

This is a great introduction to particle physics.
It provides a very interesting insight about the process which led to the discovery of the different subatomic particles It is this account of predictions based on some theories and inconsistencies in other theories which made it particularly interesting for me It is a very different approach to the one used in academic books and provides some interesting information even for those who have studied some relevant related fields.
The book may require than one reading to squeeze all the juice out of it I m about to start my second prime.
Difficult to follow of course, it s about quantum physics , but it provides a clear chronological record of the major discoveries.

Tom Whyntie was born in 1983 This makes him slightly younger than the W and Z gauge bosons, the force carrying particles of the weak nuclear force Well, technically these have existed in their current form since a microsecond or so after the Big Bang, but it s been thirty odd years since we discovered them After reading Natural Sciences at Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge specia