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Ä Read ¸ Baptista (Resistant Omegas #11) by Joyee Flynn Ä I m really enjoying the path these latest books in this series are going Will continue to follow I ll be the first to say this I am not ashamed I fucking loved this series and YES I have read them before and YES I will read them again and again and again As I stupidly made the mistake to read all 10 books over one very cold weekend and not much else.
I now have run out of knickers and coffee so unlike Batista, I will need to go do some chores and not fuck like rabbitsThere were sad moment, happy moments, WHAT THE FUCK moments and then there where those time I was thinking.
I soooo want to join them Then there where times like these shut up and fuck again We re fucking making up, no one s fucking leaving and you will fucking like it I laughed so hard well you understand the need for the no knickers The only thing holding back that beautiful 5th star these covers really really they are horrid for the man yu A lot of interesting discoveries in this one with less freak outs over nothing so I found this to b an improvement compared to the other recent books in this series A good story flow but I found the end was very rushed and should have been expandedOnly one intimate scene involving all four mates and that was very short, expectedof them as a group compared to the other books Also Compared to other books in this series where all 4 mates have equal time spent on or with the other we don t seem to see much of Meriel or he doesn t play as big a role as the others which is a shame as he is a sweet character Still I found it to be a rather good read This was an exciting story although it focused faron the inheritance and mysteries that Baptista received from his fathers There was definitely some about his new inner circle, but truly the focus was on him discovering everything left to him and learning how to deal with it all.
I enjoyed the intricacy of the plot details.
Light is shade on Baptista s background He finds his three mates and mates with them but not before they test the waters I felt a bit detached when reading about Baptista and his relationship with his mates I didn t feel as if they had a a loving relationship or even that they were all in love with each other It felt a bit empty to me towards the end.
I loved Kelvin and Baptista together I kind of wished that readers got to see a bitinteraction with Meriel and his feelings.

I love this series There are 11 books available right now and I have them all and there is definitely enough characters and story forThe author takes full advantage of the fiction genre and comes up with some fanciful stories and relationships, plus there is enough angst with the Omega they each should have their own full time psychologist, instead they have 3 hot, sexy men to help heal them.
Hot all the stories are m m m m and full of angst, sex and love The overall story line takes a big twist in 9.
A fun, entertaining and sexy read.
There was so much going on and I loved ever minute Sure I was left withquestions but I m hoping there s a book after this one and it answers some questions from this book Again, I was happy to see Baptista not being beyond annoying He learned so much while being on the Island and it s a lot to take in I m glad his men were there to ground and support him.
Baptista Resistant Omegas 11 This was just as great as the first 10 and I wish there wasI m sad to see it s the last book in this series and will be sorry to see it end.
5 starsThe emotional connections were really good and there was a lack of the as of lately usual freakout over the smallest things Plus we learnof the mystery of Baptista s past and island mystery as well I couldn t rate it higher though because even though the emotional side was better, the physical side was on the lacking side Besides the first sex scene with Quiliam and then second with Kelvin the rest fell flat Meriel s, who s a virgin, potential wasn t explored I may have misinterpreted the blurb but I thought one of the men Meriel would need Baptista to take charge when it came to sex and that just wasn t there for me barely When they all get together at the end was lacking in details The double penetration was barely described as well If the sexual aspect had been better described withdetail then the rating would M Nage Amour ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal M Nage A Quatre Romance, M M M M, Werewolves, Bondage, Sex Toys, HEA Baptista Just Can T Seem To Get A Handle On Things Life Sucked As An Omega But He Knew What Being One Always Meant Until They Came To The Island And It Seemed Fate Just Wanted To Blow His Life And Everything He Knew All To HellKelvin Is One Of The Perks Of This New Life They Can Be Honest About What They Feel For Each Other And Explore It How They Want And Then There S Quilan, A Man So Intense Baptista Is Confused By, Drawn To, And Comes Alive With Him All At The Same Time He S Just Afraid He Ll Get Burned That Leaves Meriel, Who S So Shy That For Once Baptista Has To Make The Moves To Seduce This Gentle GiantBut When The Drama Isn T Over, Secrets Are Uncovered, And Baptista S Powers Start Spiraling Out Of Control, Will The Men He Wants Stand By Him Note This Book Contains Double Anal PenetrationNote This Book Is Written In First Person Point Of View

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