↠´ Wesley (Leopards Spots #8) ß Download by Ï Bailey Bradford

↠´ Wesley (Leopards Spots #8) ß Download by Ï Bailey Bradford Letting Go Of The Past Is The Hardest Thing These Two Men Have To Learn To DoWes Ward Made A Mistake A Few Of Them, To Be Exact He Felt Abandoned, Forgotten By His Older Brother, Sully, Once Sully Found His Mate Wes Let Anger And Loneliness Influence Him, And He Tried Some Things He Shouldn T Have Getting Busted By His Mom Was Probably The One Thing That Saved Him Getting Sent To Stay With The Brother He Thinks Forgot About Him Might Be An Unmitigated DisasterOr It Might Be Wes Salvation In San Antonio, He Is Forced To Confront The Things He Has Done, And His Childish Reasoning For It It Isn T Easy, But After A Spectacular Blow Out With Sully And His Mate Bobby, Wes Finally Begins To Try To Get Past His Issues When He Meets A Skittish, Sexy Man At The Homeless Youth Shelter Where They Both Volunteer, Wes Thinks He S Found Than He Ever Thought He D HaveArmando Has Been Hurt Too Many Times To Count, But The Last Time Almost Cost Him His Life He S Carried Unwarranted Anger Around For Over Two Years, Refusing To Make Peace With Sully Or Bobby, So To Find Himself Attracted To Sully S Little Brother Wes Is A ShockReader Advisory This Book Contains References To Sexual Assault In The Past I have enjoyed Bailey Bradford s Leopard Spots series from the first book and WESLEY is another in that highly entertaining set of stories Wesley is a twenty year old snow leopard shifter who has gotten involved in drugs and been sent to San Antonio to live with his older brother Sully and Sully s mate Bobby, a wolf shifter There are bad feelings between Wesley and Sully that have to be worked through before Sully and Bobby can take on changing Wesley into a drug free upright citizen and leopard shifter.
Please see my complete review on Release Day, February 18, 2013 at This book deals with the recovery of rape It was dealt with respectfully I give the author props for that There is no magic penis or magic period to make that trauma go away, in books or real life Armondo s Trauma took time, therapy and the love and support of those around him And for the series, the editing has improved In this book it was better, I didn t notice any UK English anyway That part confuses me The author s a native Texan so how did British words, phrases spelling get into her writing when events take place in Colorado then Texas

Wesley is book eight in the Leopard s Spots series by Bailey Bradford and it continues the excitement of the series story lines and its wonderful romances This story focuses on two young men who will need to learn the age old lesson that you have to take responsibility for your own actions no matter how much you want to hide and try to remain a child That s not to say that neither man has the right to feel what they do, just that they ll need to overcome their anger, hurt, and feelings if betrayal before they can move on.
Wesley is Sully s younger brother and two years have passed since Sully moved to San Antonio and mated with Bobby Wesley was angry and hurt because Sully did a very bad job of keeping in touch with Wesley, no matter how many times Wesley e mailed, called or texted In his loneliness and anger, Wesley was stupid and started abusing pres I was really looking forward to Mando s story and I have to admit I m quite disappointed Wesley is actually sully S Brother who we met briefly in the previous book And I liked that we were able to get to know him better and see his mate However I m not sure that Mando and Wesley are a good mate pair They both are recovering or healing from problems in their past but I think they would be better suited to someone who could ground them instead of them being mated to someone in the exact same position they are I think with Wesley and his addictions and Mando and his post rape PTSD is too much for one book Had yet been given separate books with separate mates we could gave focused on them better Unfortunately the story itself dragged quite a bit The was a bkgd story involving a conversion therapy camp that I also feel was unnecessary Like why can t we just

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