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º Read ê Adam by Anthony McDonald ô I enjoyed the book well written and evocative of place rural France and adolescent discovery.
Written in a literature style rather than the pulp fiction style of most books with a gay theme I have seen other reviews that criticise this as being too wordy Personally I rather enjoyed having to pay attention to what I was reading and grab the dictionary on occasion The formal use of language and idyllic rural French countryside setting give the book a historic or at least a timeless feel It is only the mention of email, that allowed me to place the novel into a late 20th early 21st century time frame I do get tired of what I call porn with a plot line type gay novels, but I thought McDonald could have maybe given us an extra sentence of explicit sex activity at some points in the book Adam s sexual activities are after all major plot and theme points in the book Adam is a novel about a 16 year old gay teenager exploring his sexuality using adult, intelligent and occasionally e Adam Is The Year Old Most Parents Would Love To Have He Doesn T Do Drugs, Comes Top At School And Regularly Practices His Cello But There Is Another Side To Him, Which Comes To The Fore When He Falls For Laborer Sylvain And Gets Sexually Involved With Two Friends The Results Are Explosive In This Passionate Story Of Illicit Romance And Teenage Angst A Combination That Is Eternally Popular With Gay Readers I simply loved this book and fell in love with the writers poetic style.
A moving exploration of the confusions of gay adolescence The book is sensual, but the sex scenes do not dominate the story The characters are interesting, and the story stands alone, although there is a sequel and we are left interested enough to want to know what happens to the relationships My only quibble is that all the main characters, including a 23 year old, are prodigiously productive, and if the author assumes this is normal, based on his own adolescence, then I feel sorry for the author s mother and her washing machine But the book is not primarily about the orgasms The focus throughout is the emotions, characters, and plot line, so it works very well as a novel A delight to read.
This is one of my all time favorite books I cannot praise it enough The writing is just so beautiful and evocative it swept me away I feel I lived the rural French setting, the sensuousness of Adam s relationship with Sylvain I found the ending a little strange but it did not detract from the novel, just puzzled me a little.
Suki Fleet Well written book.
The story and characters development was very good An easy read that has a sense of reality At times it stretched beyond reality.

Interesting take on teenage gay romance On the entirety, this was a rather disjointed story The ending could have included a bit on Sylvain s side of the story.
I m really thankful for the community of people on this website Without them, I wouldn t have all these great books to read That being said, this book was fantastic I fell quickly in the French country side that was painted for me so vividly I thought I was there Words flowed effortlessly for this author, excellent follow thru, this author spins words with such an eased Caress he is a beautiful poet His characters were insightful, witty and had a voracious appetite for being young and using it to their full advantage Making the same type of mistakes we all do at that age, regardless of how cliche it may be This book had Breakneck passion, impatience and the lack of cynicism we seem to impregnate ourselves with at such an early age now Truly a breath of fresh air I recommend this work to any and all.
I m at a bit of a loss about what to say because any words I string together sound a bit lame after reading this book It really is beautiful.
It tells the story of Adam, a rather precocious 16 year old who has moved to France temporarily with his family So what can I say about Adam He is intelligent, he is a talented cellist, and he likes wanking Oh, he really likes wanking He really, really likes it, be it on his own, up a rope in gym class, with his school mates, thinking about his school mates, in the woods, up trees, with the new rather delectable 22 year old farm boy Sylvain he meets in the woodsDid I mention he likes wanking Yeah, he kind of does.
Now, this of course makes it sound very PWP, and with the amount of orgasms Adam has in this book I won t even try to count in all honesty it could just be a smutty little coming of age tal

Anthony McDonald studied history at Durham University He worked very briefly as a musical instrument maker and as a farm labourer before moving into the theatre, where he has worked in almost every capacity except those of Director and Electrician His first novel, Orange Bitter, Orange Sweet, was published in 2001 and his second, Adam, in 2003.Orange Bitter, Orange Sweet became the first book in