Trailer Ñ What Your School Never Taught You About Money PDF by Ñ Dennis Ng

Trailer Ñ What Your School Never Taught You About Money PDF by Ñ Dennis Ng This book gets me going and encouraging me to learnabout investing, business, making money, and life itself It s just the great book to start with relating to MONEY and money is not EVIL.
Do You Believe If Someone Told You That Most Of What You Had Learned In Schools About Money Is Wrong Or Do You Find It Inconceivable That Schools Could Be Teaching You The Wrong Things While Schools Have Taught Us Many Correct Things, Let Dennis Teach You A Thing Or Two About Money Which Your School May Have Gotten It Wrong Before They Turn Out To Be Very Costly Lessons For YouWithBite Size Gems Of Wisdoms Categorised InSections, This Book Will Debunk The Myth That You Will Be Rich If You Study Hard And Work Hard Uncover The Mindset Of The Rich That Will Help You Make The Right Decision At The Right Time Reveal Common Misconceptions Taught In Most Financial Planning books Show You How You Can Achieve A Financially Secured Retirement Challenge Conventional Investment Strategies That You Have Put Your Faith In But No Longer Work Teach You How To Survive And Profit From The Global Financial Crisisd Many Useful enough There are some good advices, but it is repetitive, a little bit simplistic and basic.
Knowledgeable and easy to understand Must read for all.

Despite it was a best seller in local bookstore Some of book content is totally identical to the author Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series if one were to be familiar or read afew of his books that the author the took liberty of giving criticism afew times in the book The book focus mostly on property, stocks investments and other securities Instead of providingsections regarding on tax reduction and advantages of owning a business despite the author is self employed and owns a business The author just brush it off by just using the statistics of 80% out of 100% new business fail within 1st 5 yrs and taking a large amount of money to build a business that Ps Overall i won t recommend this book to anyone if a person were to have a bigger picture view towards personal finance but it does offer afew gems like the section on car loans despite the book s h Nice reminders although the book is a little bit fuzzy.
One particular gold advice from Dennis, for me personally is surprisingly simple.
He argues that human nature will always find ways to expand the expenses according to your income.
While pre deduction arrangement with your HR to take away 10% of your income is common I ve done this he further preached to zero rise your savings account and send it to somewhere else investments, FD, stocks, etc as otherwise it will end up in expense column anyway Radical, but i would like to incorporate that

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the What Your School Never Taught You About Money book, this is one of the most wanted Dennis Ng author readers around the world.