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ó Read ↠´ Cemetery Nights by Stephen Dobyns Ö This is the only book of poetry that I love I generally don t care for poetry, and there is a fair amount that I like alright But this one is it I don t bother recommending to people any because I always way oversell it and inevitably there is disappointment on both sides.
these are the first days of fall the wind at evening smells of roads still to be traveled, while the sound of leaves blowing across the lawns is like an unsettled feeling in the blood, the desire to get in a car and just keep driving it keeps going there s a dog.
From The Fabulous Storytelling Of Our Dreams To The Mute Passions Of Domestic Life, Stephen Dobyns Explores A Full Range Of Human Experience In These Narrative Poems Often Frightening And Sometimes Downright Funny, The World Of Cemetery Nights Is Haunted By Regret, Driven By Desire And Need, Illuminated By Daring Make Believe The Remarkable Bridge Between Pure Entertainment And Deep Psychological Insight Well, aside from the fact that this felt slightly dated as I read it, the poems were very good Dobyns poetry is meaty and reads like a dark story, and that was enjoyable I think my favourites had to be Tomatoes, Faces, and Spiritual Chickens.
God, I love this book Especially the dog sandwich angst poem, which has to be my favorite poem ever, even if it is a poem with a dog in it Here s to Dobyns, his swirling Wild Turkey, his brutal beautiful honesty, and even his classic derisive gaze, which seems hardly capable of mealy mouthed pretension or patronage a relief if you re exhausted by odes to, celebrations of, glory to, etc etc Oh yeah, there are the painting poems But those are in another book, I thinkand a guy has got to sell, right Poetry s a tough market for the forthright This book is Dobyns bestwell, I haven t read MYSTERY, SO LONG yet, or any of his fiction, but I m sure I will be reading MYSTERY at the soonest available moment Hopefully, no painting poems.
I had not read this in well over a decade, and it was even better than I remembered I m going to have to reread all of his stuff Dobyns reminds me of another Stephen who is known for both his poetry and proses, namely Stephen Crane They both explore the cynicism of life without apology and without being overly dramatic Crane would be deeply intrigued by titles such as The Nihilist Dobyns prose like style is simply effortless to navigate, immediately allowing the reader to be engrossed in the poems Many of the poems read like fables with one of my favorites being Short Rides Surprisingly I have no quotes to add to this review because I would have to borrow lines from each of the works in this collection

read this many years ago, and loved it then I m not sure how I would feel about it now Will have to find it and reread it at some point here And yes I admit I also discovered Dobyns because of Stephen King.
Most modern poetry is drivel, but I love this Deeply depressing, truthful, and wry, Dobyns manages to capture the feeling of looking up at the ceiling late at night and wondering what the hell it s all about.
I ve heard people say the roots of poetry was to tell a story and that s what Dobyns does I find the humor in his lines with sometimes the punchline saying that s what it is Overall this collection is entertaining Favorites How To Like It Charity Street Corner Romance Amazing Story

Dobyns was raised in New Jersey, Michigan, Virginia, and Pennsylvania He was educated at Shimer College, graduated from Wayne State University, and received an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa in 1967 He has worked as a reporter for the Detroit News.He has taught at various academic institutions, including Sarah Lawrence College, the Warren Wilson College MFA Program