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[Leslie C. Ferdinand] É Wicked Allure [calculus PDF] Read Online ä I wasn t really sure what to expect from this book I mean, erotica, obviously, and from the back cover copy it seemed to actually have a real plot But with erotica, you don t always know what you re going to get from an author you re unfamiliar with, whether it will be something really good a love story, for instance, or something really crappy a bunch of sex scenes cobbled together with a little narrative So I was happy to discover a story about desperate love, denial of feelings, and determination to stay away from the other The book opens with a lengthy, fairly hot, but slightly bizarre sex scene between Zach and Madi, which ends with them going their separate ways, neither really remembering that night and both thinking it was a KcLu s review posted on Guilty Pleasures4.
75 StarsWicked Allure by Shirley Ferdinand and Leslie Ferdinand was my first by these two, and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot It s one of those where the he I d her wrong in the past, and she left town for years He was older, and thought he wasn t good enough for her Her parent s had a nasty divorce, and she sided with her dad Her Moma from hell hates her now, but also took that hatred out on him for years.
Zachary was at a birthday party for Madigan s mother, and couldn t stop his memories or his longing for Madi So he falls of the wagon, drinking and doing coke till he passes out But the bed e climbs into is already occupied by Madi who snuck in and over did it on champagne They both think they ha What Does A Man Say To The Woman He Betrayed But Never Stopped Loving Three Years Ago, Zachary Steele Refused To Entertain Thoughts Of Permanency With Any Woman A Hedonist At Heart, He Didn T Want To Corrupt The Much Younger, Madigan DeLeon, By Continuing His Affair With Her With The Hidden Scars Of His Past, He Didn T Believe In Happily Ever After By The Time He Realized How Much Madigan Meant To Him, He D Driven Her Away Then, One Night, After Being Clean For A Number Of Years, Zach Briefly Falls Off The Bandwagon He Believes His Lovemaking To Madi Is A Drug Induced Hallucination The Resulting Consequences Tell Another Story What Does A Woman Do When The Only Man She S Ever Loved Hurt Her So Deeply She Feared She D Never Recover Three Years After Her Affair With Zach So Abruptly Ended, Celebutante, Madigan DeLeon, Is Thrust Back Into Zach S Life By Her Mother S Machinations Brought Home Under The False Pretenses Of Repairing Her Damaged Relationship With Her Mother, Madi Instead Finds Herself Running A Private Sex Club Called Wicked Allure Forced To Confront Her Anger At His Betrayal And Grief At The Loss Of What Might Ve Been, Madi Faces The Realization That She S Never Stopped Loving Zach Can Two Broken Hearts Set Aside Anger And Betrayal To Find True Love Once And For All Searching The Deepest Recesses Of Their Hearts, In A Place Where Pride And Pain Has No Room, Madi And Zach Must Decide If Their Bond Is Strong Enough To Take A Second Chance At Love Or If Resuming Their Sexual Relationship Is An Irresistible Wicked Allure And The Ghosts Of Their Former Relationship Will Finally, And Forever, Sever All Ties Between Them Passionately Dramatic Wicked Allure is one read that will lure your emotions from one extreme of sexual excitement to an enticing rage of hatred The story captured my interest immediately with the skillful writing talent in bringing the characters to life on the page The drama is intense and gives you insight of the love, deceit, jealousy, and hatefulness between a vengeful mother Karolyn , protective father Jack , and shattered confused lives between three sisters Madigan Madi , Brianna, and Kelly.
Zach and Madi s story is extremely emotional, full of turmoil, and deceitfulness from family members trying to keep them apart The erotic scenes between them are deliciously described and sizzling hot throughout the whole book Regardless of it being a multi culture black white read, I felt it did not matter in determining whether it would be a great read or not This is an outstandi I m actually quite surprised I ve given this 3 stars, because for the first half of the book I seriously struggled to get into the story This is definitely not what I would describe as the best Erotic Romance I ve read and to be honest the sex scenes weren t all that imaginative Wicked Allure could have been utilised so much , it was there, so why not use it Instead there was just this story where Madigan s family, especially the god awful mother, were deceiving and keeping secrets from her I also felt the reason for the mothers absence a little unrealistic I also felt characters were written into the story unnecessarily and diverted my attention from the actual plot and just downright confusing me I read a lot of paranormal romanc This is not a book I would have ever chosen to read, not because of the sex or anything like that, but I m personally completely uninterested in books that have any sort of drug use what so ever It s like my anti like If I hadn t committed to reading it I probably would have stopped on the first page just because it s such a turn off for me Setting that aside, you never know when you re going to like something you don t normally read, and I kept going What I did like The sex scenes were really hot, although I thought the author used the four letter F word too much lol I liked the bitterness between the mother daughter and the jealousy that Madi s mom has for her It isn t something that you normally see in mainstream books, and I found it really interesting I did find that the I read the I liked Madi, however, I got really frustrated wit I got this book as an ARR and thought it had some promise Could have used a little character development and organization of the story to make it a little easier to follow The heroine was a bit all over the map emotionally, one minute falling apart with tortured feelings about the hero and the next hanging out with him and giggling like they were best buddies The sexy stuff was pretty hot, but maybe a bit too technical in terminology All in all, the idea behind the story was good and some inventive drug use okay, inventive for me and my sheltered life which didn t creep me out as much as I thought it would, but I think it needs a little work.

Received this book for an honest review Loved it The writing was great, tension, sex and drama were in the right amount Some of the sex scenes had me all hot and bothered Zac and Madi loved them, but Madi s mum Karolyn what a bitch she was At times I wanted to kill her Worth a read and would read from this author.
Arc provided by Leslie C Ferdinand for my honest review Wicked Allure A place that offers the ultimate pleasure and pure bliss 36 Year old Zachary Steele has hidden scars and he does not believe in permanent relationships or happily ever afters , so 3 years ago he ended his relationship with the much younger, Madigan DeLeon by cruelly betraying her and breaking her heart.
click to get Orkut Myspace heart breaker Comments GraphicsShe d believed in him and trusted him and loved himWas that the biggest mistake of his life He hurt her so deeplyis there any way back for them Family relationships, good and bad, come into play in a big way, old family businesses and ties, drugs, lies and secrets.
there is a lot at stake for Zach and Madigan.
With her mother s interference, Madigan is back in Zach s life She finds herself running a very exclusive club with Zach This book is steaming hot in pla Story GOODIntimacy Level D.
P Don t read In Public TOE CURLSEnjoyment FAIRLY GOODLength 287THOUGHTSI am a little split with this story The emotional ride was draining, but the intimacy aspect was spicy as hell Let me begin by saying the opening chapter of this story, wow, especially with a little white powder, wow, it really went there With the powder, it was like a threesome in the scene.
This story started off intense and as it progressed, Zach and Madi s relationship hits highs and lows depending on the day of the week I have never heard the words I HATE YOU so much within a story as I did in Wicked Allure.
Zach and Madi has been in a relationship three years prior, and with a misunderstanding that lead to their break up, it has left Madi heart broken Although I really liked Zach and Madi s love, most of the story was Zach wanting to prove to Madi that he isn t the man she thinks he

Leslie C Ferdinand is the mother daughter writing team of Leslie C Megahey and Shirley H Ferdinand Previously published as Christine Holden, they released their first Multicultural Erotic Romance in March 2012 Leslie is the founder of Inside Rose Rich Magazine Wicked Allure is the first title in a series about the DeLeon sisters and the Steele brothers.