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[Amy Logan] î The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice [womens-studies PDF] Read Online î The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice isn t just a whodunit with plot twists and ever increasing peril The novel makes the reader think, and it sticks with you If you enjoyed the Da Vinci Code, try this novel I m certainly recommending it to my friends.
Absolute page turner filled with wisdom and beauty in the midst of terror A brave articulation of quests for freedom of expression which are both troubling and daring and universally relevant.
Eye Opening Adventure That Touched Me Deeplythis Powerful Story Continues To Resonate In My Heart Long After The Last Page Was Turned New York TimesBest Selling Author Cheryl Richardson The Seven Perfumes Of Sacrifice, Amy Logan S Controversial Debut Novel Over A Decade In The Making Is A Women S Thriller About The Search For The Divine Feminine And The Ancient Lost Origins Of Honor Killing In The Middle East In This Post Cautionary Tale, An American Writer Struggles To Civilize A Tiny Arab Village Of Israel Her Intercession Leads To Tragedy Beyond Anyone S Calculationand Revelations That Could Heal What Seems Hopeless American Freelance Journalist Fereby McCullough Jones Is Struggling To Sell Stories From Israel When She Befriends Leila, A Young Artist In A Village On Mt Carmel Leila Is A Druze A Secretive, Arabic Speaking, Thousand Year Old Offshoot Of Islam And Shares Her Double Life With Fereby Painting Nudes, Lovers And Goddesses Taboo Subjects In Her Culture And Selling Them In Tel Aviv When Leila Becomes The Possible Victim Of An Honor Killing The Murder Of A Female By Her Family For Violating Cultural Gender Norms Fereby Witnesses The Village Celebration, Her Family S Silence And Police Indifference Enraged, Fereby Launches An Investigation That Is Decidedly Unwelcome With Her Oddball Translator, Moshe, She Struggles To Unearth Leila S Traumatic Life Story, Facing A Conspiracy Of Silence, Police And Government Corruption, A Forbidden Connection With Leila S Brother, Fadi, And Danger And Backlash She Never Anticipated After A Shocking Turn Of Events, Fereby Is Forced To Come To Terms With Her Own Painful Past That S Fueling Her Search Then, Leila S Last Series Of Paintings Prompts Fereby And Moshe To Make A Surprising Discovery The Ancient, Lost Origins Of Honor Killing, Which Have Been Suppressed For Millennia, And Hold Some Volatile Secrets A Mysterious Prediction Leads Fereby To Leila S Killer, But It Turns Into Her Worst Nightmare To Get Justice For Leila S Death, Will Fereby Have To Sacrifice Something Even Greater What Price Are Human Rights Worth Fighting For Seven Perfumes Author Amy Logan Discovered That Just Trying To Discuss The Issue Of Honor Killing Openly, Let Alone Fight Against It, Was Taboo In The Cultures Where It Occurs She Realized That Must Be Why This Violent Practice Has Continued Unabated In Some Places For Several Thousand Years To Try To Understand And Expose The Mysterious Underpinnings Of Honor Killing, Logan Landed Rare Homestays With The Druze In Israel And Spent A Decade Researching And Building A Theory Of The Ancient Lost Origins Of The Practice As She Gradually Uncovered A Vast And True Deception From The Birth Of Honor Killing, The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice Began To Tell Her Its Story An Important Book With A Powerful Story That Places The Words Divine And Feminine Back Where They Belong Together Sherry Jones, Best Selling Author Of The Jewel Of Medina, The Sword Of Medina And The Forthcoming Four Sisters, All Queens Un Put Downable Literary Thriller The Book Is Logan S Debut, But It Surely Won T Be Her Last Joy Tipping, Dallas Morning News Book Reviewer Honor killings suicide bombers I couldn t put this book down An American journalist in Israel, who becomes enmeshed in her friend s murder I learned a great deal about Middle Eastern beliefs rooted in ancient traditions, and I think Logan is well researched Great read I just finished reading Logan s, Seven Perfumes of Sacrafice, tears streaming from my face as I closed the cover Logan s story touched me deeply as a woman, mother and human being, like few books ever have Her writing is flawless, eliquently woven into an amazing fictional story, however representing true to life scenes of horror women face in other countries I m a avid reader, and won t continue reading a book if it doesn t grab me from the first 50 pages Logan s book is one of those you simply cannot put down, because you must stay with the heroine until she uncovers the truth of her friend s death and so muchBut I won t spoil it and share anyyou will simply have to read it, and find out for yourself o Bravo Logan, on your first of many novels I can t wait to get my hands on your next piece This book, recommended by a book club member and friend of the author s brought much needed attention to an often overlooked tragedy, the abuse of women in the form of honor killings From the first page I was engaged The author s background in journalism lent itself to an action filled, informative and vibrant storyline I did find myself, however, wishing for a bit of editing of some scenes that felt either unnecessarily fleshed out or trailing a bit perhaps into the author s own belief system At times I found myself pausing to reconstruct the timeline A LOT happens in a few short days, almost too much However the intensity and fervor of an all too common dynamic an honor killing drives the plot and causes the reader to morn the loss of a vibrant, promising life extinguished all for the sake of misguided family honor Amy My favorite librarian recommended this book to me, as I seem to gravitate toward books where the plight of women is at the forefront of the story The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice taught me so much about honor killings, about what it is to be female in a part of the world that is so far removed from my comfortable life in NY where women have equal rights and many opportunities, one being able to openly express herself in art This book broke my heart, for Leila, for the silence around her killing and that this happens every day I hope Logan takes less than a decade to write her sopho novel.

I did not like the author s style which was flat and I got really tired of the meddling and impulsive Fereby and found Leila s life story less than believable The investigation into honor and shame in Druze society was interesting, and I loved some of theminor characters like Moshe but otherwise I was disappointed in this book which I had hoped to recommend to my book group but found way too tedious to do so.
In The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice American journalist Fereby McCullough Jones investigates the killing of a woman in the Druze community of Israel who had become her friend Reviews of this book often remark that life for Druze women is so terrible, but they don t get the larger point that author Amy Logan is making.
We like to think that honor killing is something that happens in other countries, and in cultures other than our own In first world cultures, honor is considered an old fashioned concept Yet if you replace the word honor with the word reputation , then you see that honor killings happen everywhere Another aspect of this novel that I loved is Leila s art Leila created paintings that are rich in symbolism drawn from ancient esoteric philosophy and from folk traditions of Goddess worship Leila s work was concealed from her family because the Druze religion is an offshoot of The cover almost kept me from reading this book I checked this book out from my local liabrary Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice touches on two subjects that are very important to me There is a thread of the divine feminine throughout this story, and an insightful view into the plight of women in the middle east I am recommending this book to my women friends.

Amy Logan studied creative writing with Booker Prize finalist Arnost Lustig, Pulitzer Prize winning poet Henry Taylor and National Book Award finalist Andre Dubus III and attended the 2006 and 2008 Squaw Valley Fiction Writers Workshops Her writing and or photography has been published in The New York Times Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Dallas Morning News, The Denver Post, Vegetarian Time