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[Paula Weston] ì Shadows [ecclesiology PDF] Ebook Epub Download ì He was blond, not dark I wasn t talking about his hair4.
5 stars November 14, 2012 My happy day for hot, kick ass angel goodness First, I found out that Angelfall is on track to become a movie, then I finished reading Shadows a few hours later and found it to be amazing My head is this close to exploding from the excitement.
So I picked this book up because I d heard that it was almost as good as Angelfall The comparison alone made me want to give it a shot, but I didn t think that Shadows could come close Surprise, surprise, it actually kind of didfor me at least The main difference between the two books is that Shadows leanstoward pnr, while Angelfall leanstoward sci fi, so you re going to getof the in your face romance with this book than we saw in Angelfall although Raffe from Angelfall still owned t Shadows is the kind of thing that s just up my alley A kick ass protagonist, nephilim, enough sexual tension to cut the cheese Wait, I think I m getting my sayings mixed up At one point I shook my iPad and was all, Do you or do you not have memory issues then I yelled, You re not my supervisor over and over again because it just felt right.
I know amnesia is complicated and how much memory is lost works on a case by case basis and all that jazz, but Rafa was dropping tantalizing hints and making vague statements all over the place Yet Gaby is so frustratingly incurious I mean, his hints were pretty obvious, but most of the time she brushed them off as if every guy tries to pick up girls by implying things about the girl s life and personality that clearly aren t remembered Last guy trying to pick me up was totally like, Hey, when are you going to do that thing you do with the tig Oh, so did I mention my favourite read in June was a paranormal YA book For this contemporary girl, I am surprised by how much I fell in love with this book Although it shouldn t have surprised me, as author Paula Weston has the loveliest online presence That, coupled with the publisher being Text Publishing , had me diving into this book the day it turned up in my mailbox Note Text Publishing are an Australian publisher which consistently publish brilliant and unique YA books, such as Leanne Hall s This is Shyness, Vicki Wakefield s All I Ever Wanted and Tim Pegler s Five Parts Dead to name a few Things I loved about this book 1 The New Adult vibe Gaby is out of school Flatting, working Her mates and other characters are older too, in their twenties I truly love this vibe it s is not teenagery, butfresh and mature It has broad appeal to t I m telling you, I ve been breathing this book, not just reading it You might know that I love to read in one sitting, so when I like a book I take it in my hands and don t let it go until I reach the very last page I finished this one in the morning, and you can bet that I had a very enjoyable night.
When I started reading it I had no idea what this story was truly about because I stayed away from spoilers and anything that could have ruined my experience All I knew was that it s been highly recommended to me by some very trusted book friends and so I wanted to read it really, really badly There s no need for me to say that it has exceeded my expectation, even though I knew it was supposed to be great, after all not many Aussie books get on my indifferent sideLove Nightmares Angels War I am not the religious type, so why am I so attracted to angel books is still a mystery to me May Actual rating 3.
5 5For being the offspring of angels, the Rephaim sure are a bunch of asshats This is one of the rare books for me where the writing is great, the plot is free of holes and the mythology well explained, yet I still ended up despising almost every single character Essentially, I have no complaints about this book except for the fact that I started up disliking and ended up absolutely hating and distrusting almost every single male in this book.
I am by no means a prude, but I avoid reading New Adult books because I know what pisses me off, and I will intentionally avoid that which will likely give me a headache More often than not in New Adult, there s too much emotionless sex, there s too muc 3.
5 starsThis was an unexpectedly fast and action packed book I was surprised that I absolutely loved the main character, Gabe Gaby, and it was an amazing thing to learn about this cool angel history right alongside her Maggie is a great character as well, I loved that she never gave up on Gabe, their friendship is truly beautiful and I m looking forward to these ladies probably kicking asses in the sequels When it comes to boys Oh, my, I have no idea who to really trust However, I do hope that Jason and Rafa will stay on Gabe s side throughout this series, I like these guys a lot The writing style was very interesting and it was impossible not to finish this book in one day Paula Weston made this very unique plot and mature characters that you just can t stop reading about I c It S Almost A Year Since Gaby Winters Was In The Car Crash That Killed Her Twin Brother, Jude Her Body Has Healed In The Sunshine Of Pandanus Beach, But Her Grief Is Raw And Constant It Doesn T Help That Every Night In Her Dreams She Kills Demons And Other Hell SpawnAnd Then Rafa Comes To Town Not Only Does He Look Exactly Like The Guy Who S Been Appearing In Gaby S Dreams He Claims A History With Her Brother That Makes No Sense Gaby Is Forced To Accept That What She Thought She Knew About Herself And Her Life Is Only A Shadow Of The Truth And That The Truth Is Likely To Be Found In The Shadows Of Her NightmaresWho Is Rafa Who Are The Rephaim And Most Importantly, Who Can She Trust Fast Paced And Gripping, Shadows, The First Book In The Rephaim Series One of these days, the Rafa in a book will refer to a capri pant wearing, wedgie picking Spaniard and not an angel On second thought, I m cool with the gorgeous, heavenly version Shadows was a solid introduction to the Rephaim series and to debut author Paula Weston It had an engaging cast of characters, including a loyal friend named MAGGIE , and plenty of action and mystery to keep you on your toes until the end of the book Did I mention the angel pashing If I didn t, it s only because I m not sure I m using the term correctly To put it in inelegant American terms, there s hot and heavy tongue action The short chapters, headed with progressively funnier titles, keep the story moving briskly So why only 3 stars Even though 3 stars means a solid GOOD, I feel like it s become the rating equivalent of kissing your cousin Of course, some people Shadows is what I would call a top class book with its frantic pace, vibrant characters and gripping story line it s not your typical angel book Gaby barely remembers anything before the accident with her twin brother Jude After months of trying to make a new life for herself without her brother, she s thrown another bombshell, the life she thought she believed she led is not true either, her supposed memories of her life and relationship with Jude couldn t bewrong But the dreams she s been having of scary monsters and a gorgeous guy are very true What the hell is going on With Gabe s memories being messed around with, Shadows was like a mystery novel as you didn t know who to believe Slowly as bits of Gabe s life began to unravel, we find ourselves falling into this unbelieving world of hellions, demons and angels Of worlds clashing o 4.
5 stars Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book.
I loved it I opened it up expecting it to be a vanilla romance about angels falling in love with humans, and what I got was a really cool story And yes, it all started because a few angels were getting some sweetsweet lovinfrom human women, but that s where the similarities to my original expectations ended.
Gaby is 19 and living a small beach town in Australia that she has no real ties to She just wandered into it after waking up in a hospital, and sort of decided to stay for a while She only vaguely remembers the car accident that took her twin brother s life, and she tries not to examine the rest of her past too closely Her parents were distant, which was the main reason she and her brother took off to see the world on their own, so there s no realhome she feels she can go back to and lick her wounds However, she

Paula Weston is the author of the Rephaim series Shadows, Haze, Shimmer and Burn The Undercurrent, a stand alone speculative thriller set in near future Australia, is now available in Australia and New Zealand.Paula worked as a print journalist for many years before becoming a government media and communication specialist Today she also co owns a two woman communication and design agency.She g