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[ Pdf Sanibel Heat (Fanged Ménage, #1) ¸ zimbabwe PDF ] by Talyn Scott í Weird, yet compelling The hs ex used h, she returns home for wedding, Hs finally claim her, after messing up the claiming in high school Evil OM kidnaps her, Hs are easily fooled don t seem very smart Hs are shifters, weird beasts, and their society as lots of rules, It was just OK, I ll read next book.
Unfortunately, I could not finish this story I got to 45% and had to quit The story felt scattered with the multiple POVs and no noticeable transition between them But the addition of Troy wanting Tatum back and Gage being her mate too or at least in his mind just made the story unnecessarily complicated This one wasn t my cuppa.
OMG This book was freaking Hotttttt with a good plot and everything I really liked this story The only bad part is that at one point I was so mad and stressed out I wanted to throw my device into a wall and shake the author, but that just made the ending that much better Oh my can this author write some good sex scenes Two alpha s, big cocks, tongue licking good Need I go any further I d like to have one night with the two alphas.
I love the world TS created w the celestial beasts gothic vampires But thought the H s were assholes at times Storyline sometimes was hard to follow Upset the H s didn t seek h out until she came back to visit after 10 yrs no explanation for this 1st book in the series so glad I read just wish the characters plot were fleshed out.
A great shifter read Plenty of action, great characters, sexy alpha males and HOT sex Recommended to anyone who enjoys shifter menage reads

Wow, where have these books been hiding This was so awesome, everything you want in a erotic PNR.
Sanibel Heat was a fantactic read I really enjoyed how Talynn scottMade the weres a little bit then what I ve read and I enjoyed it very much XD Cant wait to read Renees story.
So much potential.
that fell so short Promising concept of a plot that was ruined by a very confusing writing style that had the POV switch in every paragraph Not edited properly so that it didn t flow well Details were introduced in a odd way that made the book stilted I almost pulled a DNF about 20% in but I wanted to stick it out in case it improved It did NOT Very disappointed Don t waste your time.
I am not sure whether to rate this book 2 or 3 stars, I thought it was ok overall, but there were too many aspects of the book I didn t enjoy for me to give it a higher rating.
I liked the heroes Jayce and Bren and how they had a previous but tenuous connection to Tatum, but I felt they didn t really work at winning her back when she came into their lives again In fact I didn t feel their emotional connection at all so I couldn t understand why she was telling them after 5 minutes she loved them For most of the story Tatum was left completely in the dark and they were interested in sex than explaining what life with them really entailed.
The introduction of Gage and his desire for Tatum seemed contrived and unnecessary to the story not to mention weird , and I didn t like the omniscient head hopping POV either sigh I wanted to like this book, but I couldn t get into it.
She Should Fear Them She Can T Deny Them Tatum Shirley Has Been Away From Home For Than A Decade Years That Two Jaw Dropping Gorgeous Men Have Waited Forher And When They Won T Take No For An Answer, She Denies Her Internal Logic And Follows Her HeartBalmy Nights On Sanibel Island Have Taken An Erotic Turn A Heated Seduction Begins Between Two Irish Werewolves And The Single Woman They Claim Many Times And Many Ways They Would Do Anything To Protect And Keep Her As Their Own For An Eternity Because, That What She S Going To Have To Give Them Everything Or ElseAnd As Any Heated, Naughty Fairy Tale Progresses, There S A Very Big, Very Bad Wolf One That Lays Claim To Tatum One That Refuses To Share And If Jayce Jordan And Bren Walker Were Human, They Couldn T Win Thankfully, They Re Insatiable Beasts The Black Claws, The Ever Sharp Canines, The Feral Appetites, The Blood Lust, And The Hot, Wicked Bodies Come Out To Play After A Viscous Fight To The Finish, It S Tatum S Turn To Be Hunted This Time, She S Not ComplainingContains Mild Bondage, Mild Exhibitionism, Sex Toys, Vampirism, M F M Menage Amour And Suspense Includes Sneak Peek For Sanibel Burn And Excerpt For The Upcoming Captiva Captive

Erotic Paranormal Urban Fantasy