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☆ The Family Corleone ↠´ Download by ☆ Edward Falco I love the universe painted by Puzo s vision Even if it romanticizes violence, it shows some interesting relationships One of my favorite relationships in literature has to be the one between Don Vito and Luca Brasi I particularly liked making connections to the Godfather this being a prequel, it was interesting to see how things got to where they are I also loved how all of the separate plots come together to culminate for the Corleones I liked how the don had an internal fight with himself not being a gangster when being confronted by Sonny I also liked being immersed in the 30s I know the way I see it is likely different than how it really was, but it s a nice picture My one complaint was that the climax at the end of the book was a bit of a let down It s not a comment on the author, because it is what the don would ha There many different ways to try and review this novel but I suppose the easiest way is the way that Paramount approached it when they launched the lawsuit against the Puzo estateeither the book will be terrible and a black mark against the Godfather legacy or it s an installment that will do well as another movie in the series and they want to claim their stake in it early so the money will go to them My take It falls at neither end of the spectrum people were anticipating.
As a novel, the book is an entertaining read It has the basic tenets of any mafia story present It doesn t bother with characterization assumably because readers will already know the characters And they ARE characters most Godfather fans will know There is nothing new here Touted as a prequel it s really New York,The City And The Nation Are In The Depths Of The Great Depression The Crime Families Of New York Have Prospered In This Time, But With The Coming End Of Prohibition, A Battle Is Looming That Will Determine Which Organizations Will Rise And Which Will Face A Violent EndFor Vito Corleone, Nothing Is Important That His Family S Future While His Youngest Children, Michael, Fredo, And Connie, Are In School, Unaware Of Their Father S True Occupation, And His Adopted Son Tom Hagen Is A College Student, He Worries Most About Sonny, His Eldest Child Vito Pushes Sonny To Be A Businessman, But SonnyYears Old, Impatient And Reckless Wants Something Else To Follow In His Father S Footsteps And Become A Part Of The Real Family BusinessAn Exhilarating And Profound Novel Of Tradition And Violence, Of Loyalty And Betrayal, The Family Corleone Will Appeal To The Legions Of Fans Who Can Never Get Enough Of The Godfather, As Well As Introduce It To A Whole New Generation Madon , that was awesome This book is not your garden variety franchise tie in This thing is the genuine article The story was taken from an actual screenplay set down by Mario Puzo, so we know it has some authenticity But Falco took it a step further and made one hell of a novel.
This is one of the best 5 books I ve read this year, capiscThe Godfather is one of my favorite movies and novels of all time The Godfather Part II is just behind it This book, this genius of a captivating story, fits right in there It s a prequel to The Godfather and sets it up wonderfully.
Luca Brasi does not sleep with the fishes in this book He fucks the fishes.
Seriously though, this was awesome backstory to the film or original novel, The Godfather This is brilliant A prequel that tells us how Santino Sonny , perfetto , , , , , , , , , , 3 , I ve been trying to be stingy with my 5 star reviews, saving them for something really great like Borges, but less than five for this book wouldn t do it justice Generally my attitude towards an author continuing the work of an earlier author is somewhat jaundiced It just ain t nothing like the real thing, baby Mike Winegardner s Godfather continuation made me cringe and I never read the second one he wrote No interest whatsoever Ed Falco, on the other hand, shows a real understanding of the original characters and the atmosphere of the original novel In the book I read before this, The Lufthansa Heist, I took a shot at the author s use of Italian slang Not so in this book Falco s got it right.
Madonna I m absolutely speechless WOW This is exceptional This is everything I wanted to read as an introduction to the Mafia and very well planned murder cases The writing is extremely compelling and interesting that I read most of the book in the course of only two days The chapters are well deservingly long, they describe The Corleone Family and their attach s It is a full novel, heavy with introductory murders of what s to come in The Godfather, I m certain Ed Palco did an exceptional job at writing and describing intricately detailed characters, down to their dress, as well as describing the setting of each scene It really did drive me nuts The Mafia and their intricate planning and dealings were beyond amazing, I came to love and obsess over each of them He had so many hidden surprises, especially things I would never

This book is spot on as a prequel to The Godafather So many characters are coming back to life with each pageyou can picture them vividly only younger.
Since its based on a screenplay that Mario Puzo had written, its no wonder the book seems to be a wonderful complement to the original Not only does this book round out the original story by filling in the pieces that the film The Godfather Part II did not , it also makes The Godfather s Return and Revenge seem evenawful because the writing in this book very Puzo.
Awhile back, I wrote that I thought Mark Winegardner s books had their moments but after having read The Family CorleoneI see even so that Mark Winegardner was merely writing his books out of thin air as opposed to rounding out the original characters as older people He simply didn t involve the original storylines enough and brought in way too many characters that I Sencillamente inmejorable Ahora, es pa matar a Luca Si hay un personaje en toda la novela que he odiado, sin lugar a dudas ha sido a este.
The Family Corleone was nearly good as The Godfather Alhamdulillah

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