» A Very Holly Christmas ✓ Download by æ Sheila Roberts

» A Very Holly Christmas ✓ Download by æ Sheila Roberts I have to say I was very disappointed in this short story It wasn t even really a short story, it was like a blurb There was no story to it No character development, no real setting and no plot AND honestly when I came to The End I thought the story was just saying the end, I thought there was I flipped forward, then back, the forward, then back again, and thought Wow , That s really it I was confused as are many who read this as it starts with the first chapter of The Nine Lives of Christmas instead of starting at page one with the title short story A Very Holly Christmas shares a quick look at the changed households of two families, the Benedicts and the Robertsons, from a prior book There isn t enough detail to fully tell what the prior book, On Strike for Christmas, was about although there are hints and this short story reveals positive changes The story is rather sweet and shows the humor that invades Ms Roberts stories.
I was actually drawn in by the preview of The Nine Lives of Christmas which is a story told by Ambrose, an abandoned cat who adopts his new owner, a fireman named Zach I might be interested in reading that story, or at least seeing the Hallmark movie Shelia Roberts Is Back With The Hilarious Short Follow Up To On Strike For Christmas This Short Story Will Bring You Right Back To The Spirited Town Of Holly, One Year After The Big Strike For Even Christmas This Time With A Touch Of Romance Don T Miss The Nine Lives Of Christmas, Coming November Cute little short story about decorating and the meaning behind Christmas It peaked my interest into reading the story that follows this one Awh, heck, now I ll have to read the one before as well.
This book is a one page teaser to get you interested in a different book On Strike for Christmas It does have a Start Finish point, so it is technically a story It is well written and I think it would be worth reading Sheila Roberts other works However, I was a little turned off, since this was soooo short It ends at location 77 of 250 so most of book is a sample of her book Nine Lives of Christmas That sample is just chapter 1 and is not a complete story Anyways well written, but don t waste your time Just read the free previews on of this author s Full Length books to see if you want to read them Thanks, Frankie I got this short story for free on through a promotion that is currently running.
Sometimes with short stories you pick up one and while reading it you have a feeling like you are missing something That was the case with this read While the story was cute and definitely Christmas theme I was so distracted by the lost feeling that it was difficult for me to get through the 19 pages On Strike for Christmas, the novel that short story follows, is 394 pages long and that explains a lot.
While I think this is a lovely follow up to the novel it just doesn t do well alone and didn t strike my curiosity towards the novel itself.
This is basically a chapter long and gives a VERY BRIEF synoposis of the characters in Holly after ON STRIKE FOR CHRISTMAS Note this is a FREE Kindle download so you aren t out anything to read it If you do the Kindle download, be sure to click your next page tab rather than click on the Begin Reading icon It jumped ahead to a chapter from another book about a cat named Ambrose and a fireman named Zach It was a little too short for what I was hoping for It seemed that it would have made sense to make an epilogue at the end of the book rather than make this separate story.
5 stars Grrr, I hate when authors publish a very very very short story and then use half of it to promote their new book.
This was a cute little story I ve heard longer stories told around a campfire about Christmas decorating that ends in the usual sappy Christmas cheer It had humor which I love in a story, but also your typical cliche ending of life is good, everything is fine I think the author probably actually used a napkin to write this mini mini novella on it takes up just about that much space.

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I enjoyed this book.

Sheila Roberts is happily married and lives in the Pacific Northwest Her books are best sellers, and have been made into movies for the Lifetime and Hallmark channels When she s not speaking to women s groups or at conferences or hanging out with her hubby or girlfriends, she can be found writing about those things near and dear to women s hearts family, friends, and chocolate.