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» The World Beyond ✓ Download by ↠´ Sangeeta Bhargava Beautiful cover Bad writing Disappointing.
I loved this book I read this book with an eagerness and finished it quickly Still I awarded it only three stars.
Why The reason is the poorness of its construction What a grand atmosphere Sangeeta got Year 1855, city Lucknow,a dethroned Nabob and his clan, love between a prince and a British girl, Sepoy revolution Every spice was in her hand yet she could not made the polao properly.
There are several discrepancies throughout the book First and foremost is the scene where Selim met Rachael in a music shop If she wanted to learn Indian music, she well could have summoned the owner of the shop She did not need to wear burkha to visit that shop.
Then the incident of Tiger hunting One can easily guess that the situation was made only bring Selim an

This book was a disappointment Having recently finished M M Kaye s novels set in India, I was looking forward to an equally captivating story However, even though the main historical events in this novel were the same as in Kaye s Shadow of the Moon , the story felt disjointed and lacking in depth and detail The characters dialogues often sounded unnatural and the book, sadly, failed to impress.
Such a beautiful story set during the rule of the Mughal empire and when the British was taking over India The love story between a prince and a Firangi How their love survived and how dis they fight to be with each other Sangeeta really took me back into time.
I don t normally read romantic type novels, but the historical setting of this one intrigued me enough to pick it up at the library The romance element is somewhat cliched white girl falls for Indian prince and of course her parents are your typical racist colonials and then a war breaks out which threatens to wreck everything The author does not shy away from depicting the brutality of the colonial forces as they try to suppress a rebellion by fed up Indians who have had enough of being treated like slaves in their own country There is plenty of detail in the depiction of the various cultural and religious festivals to the point you can really picture them in your mind although it might have been better to put the glossary at the start so the reader can familiarise themselves with t A love story against a historical backdrop has immense potential to be a creative piece of art Unfortunately The World Beyond staggers throughout, fails to meet the expectations that get created with such a strong subject.
Weak plot, lack of research, and mediocre writing skills lead this book to be an average product.
I m not normally a fan of historical fiction, but I am a fan of storyworlds I am unfamiliar with Wow Authentic storytelling with rich attention to detail Very impressive Sad with it too as a British person I am aware of our shameful colonial past and it is sobering to see its effects retold here I enjoyed the love story, too Recommended.
Reads like a young adult novel.
Our book group was a bit disappointed with this book, considering the excellent ratings it has received on.
uk It read rather like a young adult book, lacking depth in both characters and events Covering an interesting period in the history of India, it failed to provide enough details of the history of the uprising and was heavily anti British Even members of our group who were not British felt that the author had a bit of a chip on her shoulder.
Salim is a prince of Advah, a member of the ruling family in Lucknow it is 1855 and Queen Victoria is on the throne in England Salim and his close friend, Ahmed, live a life of luxury and splendour Nawab Wajid Ali Shah is the king of this area, but he is suspicious of the motives of the British, particularly the East India Trading Company.
Salim crosses paths with Rachael in the local market He is captivate , Lucknow As Tensions Simmer In The Heat Of Repressive Colonial India, A Prince Of Avadh And An English Woman Defy Their Societies Prejudices To Fall In Love But In A World Where Private Happiness Is At The Mercy Of Wider Events, Even As Salim And Rachael Are Drawn Closer Together, Their Privileged Lives Are About To Be Torn ApartTrouble Begins When The British Annex Avadh And Banish The Rightful King Determined To Recover What Is Rightfully His, Salim Seizes The Chance To Fight Back When A Small Sepoy Mutiny Flares Into Bloody Rebellion Against British Rule As Unrest Spreads Across The Subcontinent, The Contested Ancient City Of Lucknow Proves One Of The Most Dangerous Places To Be Torn Between Their Loyalties To Each Other, Their Families And The Opposing Sides That Threaten To Raze Lucknow To The Ground, Can Salim And Rachael S Love Prove Strong Enough To Rise Above The Devastation Surrounding Them, And Survive Together To A World Beyond For Fans Of MM Kaye S The Far Pavilions, A Love Story Fraught With The Tension Of The Indian Mutiny The World Beyond offers readers a glimpse of the events that took place during the annexation of the mughal kingdom of Avadh The story alternates between perspectives of the muslim prince Salim and a young British woman of high rank as they fall in love The writing style was quite inadequate, and the story line was very cliche and elementary I was hoping that Bhargava would delve into some of the racial prejudices at the time, and focus on the tensions that could have arose between the two families Bhargava was not good in developing the characters subtly, and instead gave outright descriptions of their traits and personality, which gave the book a blunt and unappealing feel There were many redundancies throughout the novel, such as Salim s constant rep

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