Trailer ï The Archer Files, The Complete Short Stories of Lew Archer, Private Investigator PDF by È Ross Macdonald

Trailer ï The Archer Files, The Complete Short Stories of Lew Archer, Private Investigator PDF by È Ross Macdonald These are almost novella rather than short story length and they follow macdonald s usual pattern of mysteries with buried, domestic secrets crimes hiding each other For me they are also a cultural history of developing California post war, as the state was taking off the motels, roadhouses cars and free ways as well as a population of people coming out of the depression and WWII along with the wealthy There is also something slightly febrile, even neurotic, about the atmosphere mid century jitters and a society just getting used to psychoanalysis so that everyone, including archer, is a bit brittle.
The Archer Files The Complete Short Stories of Lew Archer, Private Investigator by Ross Macdonald is my first exposure to MacDonald s writing I have enjoyed quite a few books by his wife, fellow mystery writer, Margaret Millar and have wanted to explore the world of Lew Archer, as created by MacDonald.
The book is a series of short stories featuring PI Archer and also a number of unfinished stories showing some of the other cases that Archer might have been involved in.
I enjoyed MacDonald s writing, in the style of Dashiell Hammett and John D MacDonald and enjoyed PI Archer Archer takes on cases where he feels a responsibility to the person hiring him or the person being investigated In a number of cases, he just falls into by accident and wants to correct a wrong or just help a pe Ross Macdonald Was The Author Of Eighteen books That A New York Times Critic Called The Finest Series Of Detective Novels Ever Written By An American The Lew Archer Canon, Which Included Such Breakthrough Best Sellers As The Underground Man, The Goodbye Look, And The Blue Hammer Macdonald Born Kenneth Millar Also Wrote Several Novelettes And Short Stories Involving Southern California Private Detective Lew Archer The Archer Files For The First Time Collects All The Brief Archer Fiction The Stories From Macdonald S Paperback original The Name Is Archer, The Additional Tales Included In The Otto Penzler Edited Volume Lew Archer Private Investigator, And The Three Then Unknown Novellas Presented In Crippen Landru S Book Strangers In Town Also Included In The Archer Files Are Several Lengthy, Never Before Published Fragments Of Unfinished Macdonald Stories Case Notes, As It Were, From The Files Of Lew Archer Edited By Macdonald Biographer Tom Nolan, The Archer Files Is Prefaced With Nolan S Biographical Sketch Of Lew Archer Himself The Character Eudora Welty Described As A Champion And A Distinguished Creation As A Detective And As A Man He Takes The Human Situation With Full Seriousness Jeff Wong S Cover Is Adapted From The Paperback original, But Depicting Ross Macdonald Rather Than Lew Archer Four stars is how much I enjoyed this, though in the end, most of the stories were just okay There were, however, a few that felt very full with satisfying mysteries The Bearded Lady from 1948 , The Angry Man 1955 and Midnight Blue from 1960.
Ross Macdonald s Lew Archer short stories display the same uniform excellence as his novels The stories contained in THE ARCHER FILES have lesser build up time than the novels however Macdonald s private eye thrives in the short form too THE ARCHER FILES is all the proof anyone needs, every story is good Gone Girl and The Suicide are astonishingly superb There s no filler, unless you categorize the 11 unfinished tales as such I consider them a bonus I paid twenty bucks for FILES, the fragments alone are worth a hundred.
In the beginning the publishing industry was not kind to Lew Archer Early paperback covers misled readers, but the smooth intelligent prose inside erased any ire mystery buyers may have felt at being hoodwinked In the mid sixties Bantam books emblazoned Lew Archer the hardest of the hard boiled dicks across the top of all their paperback covers featuring Ross COUNTDOWN Mid 20th Century North American Crime BOOK Novella 111 of 250 Gone Girl is the novella of focus here One must wonder how often this title has been used.
HOOK 4 stars It was a Friday night I was tooling home from the Mexican border in a light blue convertible and a dark blue mood That second line is so typical of Ross MacDonald an author light on style and heavy on substance, and for me it s worth a 4th star it doesn t call attention to itself, doesn t feel overwrought like Chandler or Hammett at times, it just reads really nice I think with just a hint of hard boiled I had followed a man from Fresno to San Diego and lost him in the maze of streets in Old TownHe had crossed the border, and my instructions No voy a negarlo No sab a qui n era Ross MacDonald Es verdad que en novela negra no estoy muy puesto S , he le do algo de Hammett, Chandler, Cain, Thompson, pero poco m s Pero como fue un libro editado en los principios de Roja y Negra, llevada por entonces por Rodrigo Fres n, me fie de l Y bien que hice, porque es un libro perfecto tanto para el coleccionista del escritor y de su detective Lew Archer como para el novato del cual soy ejemplo Porque nos trae todos los relatos protagonizados por el detective as como unos comienzos de posibles cuentos que quedaron inconclusos Todo ello con un interesante pr logo sobre el autor realizado por Fres n y otro en el que nos habla en modo biograf a del detective Este I ve oft considered Ross MacDonald a solid example of a novelist who got by writing the same book over and over again That is not meant to denigrate the man s work Ross MacDonald is the Holy Spirit to Raymond Chandler s Son and Dashiell Hammett s Father in the Holy Trinity of Classic American Hard Boiled PI Detective Fiction Mickey Spillane would probably be like an Apostle or lesser but influential Pope The Lew Archer stories I ve found to be a bit melancholy or wistful.
MacDonald s novels all tend to focus around the same themes, e.
g broken families sometimes looking for their lost members and feature the same elements This recycling or literary bricolage can readily be evidenced in how quite a few of the stories in this collection are clearly rewrites of one another same basic plot, same character types Also, making this worth the time of any aficionado of MacDo

5Ya lo dije antes, Macdonald era un puto genio Esta colecci n de relatos de su detective, Lew Archer, me cautiv con cada una de sus inc gnitas y misterios Es incre ble su capacidad para desentra ar y descubrir c mo se cometi el crimen, el m vil y, por supuesto, el asesino Algunos casos pueden resultar bastante similares, es decir, como si siguiera un patr n, pero aun as te logra sorprender con finales impredecibles Cada cuento es un desaf o para Archer y a medida que te sumerg s m s profundo en sus investigaciones te vas perdiendo hasta decir No tengo la menor idea de lo que pueda pasar de ahora en adelante Sin embargo, en algunos casos no sucede eso cre s que ya est todo resuelto, que es todo f cil, pero luego Macdonald te da una fuerte cachetada en las ltimas p ginas y es inevitable sentirse tonto Hay otros en los que parece todo resuelto, y The accomplishment of Ross Macdonald in achieving true art within the confines of a presumptively trivial genre, the detective story, cannot be over appreciated The richness of Macdonald s prose and his melancholy eye for character transcend any cops and robbers mundanity For one like me, who has read all of Macdonald s novels, this collection of all of his short stories and a few fragments about detective Lew Archer is like lapping up the last precious drops from a near empty canteen while stranded in the desert It s both utterly delicious and sad Macdonald s skill with the short story is on par with his novelistic talents despite the different requirements of each form Each of the stories is satisfying and rich The fragments of unfinished novels or stories are infinitely tantalizing, yet in most cases they are so intriguing a

Ross Macdonald is the pseudonym of the American Canadian writer of crime fiction