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[Becca Fitzpatrick] Ò Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush: The Graphic Novel, #1) [world-war-i PDF] Read Online Ó For Nora Grey, Romance Was Not Part Of The Plan She S Never Been Particularly Attracted To The Boys At Her School, No Matter How Much Her Best Friend, Vee, Pushes Tham At Her Not Until Patch Came Along With His Easy Smile And Eyes That Seem To See Inside Her, Nora Is Drawn To Him Against Her Better Judgement Enough with the fucking graphic novelisation of shitty Young Adult books, please Dear God Ahhhhhhhh And the madness continues EDIT 1 1 13 I finally got the time to get this book again to take some pictures of it Now I got proof about what I was talking about Sorry for the bad quality of some pictures.
Actual rating 1.
5 5 ratingIf you want to know my opinion of the actual book click here.
This graphic novel is SHITTY.
The characters in this book look nothing like their descriptions.
Book Nora Grey A smokey eyed brunette doesn t makes sense, by the way with volumes of curly hair that holds its own against even the best flatiron She is also described as having long, bar stool legs.
Graphic novel Nora Grey A blonde bimbo who wears revealing clothes ALL THE TIME First, she wears this And then, she wears a tiny top and short black skirt.
To visit Patch at the arcades And sitting suggestively while asking questions Patch s expression in that scene was priceless.
Also, when she bends down to talk to some While I do like Hush, Hush, I have to say NO FREAKING WAY to the graphic novel They ruin everything always I love the Hush Hush Novel but this This is just unacceptable The illustrations are nothing like them and IT IS NOT THEM This is not patch and nora The cover is a buff man maybe in his 30 s give or take Patch is a teenager ish in looks and is lean and taut not beefy Just right in physique So I am very disappointed No offense to the illustrator but This Sucks IJacob Why don t you show them what I mean I Have One Thing To Say About This Book WHAT THE HELL Okay, here are the give aways to my What The Hell 1 Nora looks like a beep when wearing the clothes No offense but she does.
2 When the attacker is supposed to have grabbed her shoulder he grabbed her wrist instead.
3 The wardrobe Nuh uh The skirt she wore was practically underwear And she rips on Marcie about her clothes And the shirt she was wearing wouldn t be even allowed to probab y worn at school.
4 Their teeth look hideous on some of the images They look like dentures.
5 Nora looks BLONDE And VEE looks like a brunette, or redhead I couldn t tell.
6 IN class, Her headband is there one second, but gone the next image Seriously its like a magic show ON Off ON OFF ON OFF The whole time.
Is every crappy YA novel being turned into manga styled graphic novels now This is the old cover that I m talking about in my review, just so I don t sound like a raving lunatic This has got to be the creepiest and most awkward cover I ve ever seen.
What is he evendoingI mean, just look at the pose It looks like he s either going to A Go play some weird version of angel footballB Just jumped through Nora s window and is about go kill her out of love, of course C Isextremelyconstipated and in dire need to take a shitI m going to say a mix of B and C because of his face alone You only have to look at it for two seconds to think that it s the creepiest thing you ve ever seen, not the face of some dark hottie who lusts loves Nora I understand that graphic novels will look different than the actual book and are supposed to look harder, edgy, but t ewww i don t like the way patch looks

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