[ Pdf Новая цивилизация ч.2 Обряды любви (Том VIII, часть 2) Ô 10th-century PDF ] by Vladimir Megré í itelemedicine.pro

[ Pdf Новая цивилизация ч.2 Обряды любви (Том VIII, часть 2) Ô 10th-century PDF ] by Vladimir Megré í Part Of Book Of The Ringing Cedars Series Contrasts Today S Mainstream Attitudes With Our Forebears Deep Spiritual Understanding Of Conception, Pregnancy, Home Birth And Upbringing Of Children In An Atmosphere Of Love In Powerful Poetic Prose, Megre Describes Their Ancient Way Of Life, Grounded In Love And Non Violence, And Shows The Potential For This Same Approach To Life Today Through One Family S Story, He Portrays The Radiant World Of The Ancient Russian Vedic Civilization, The Drama Of Its Destruction, And Its Rebirth In Our Present Time This is the final book in the Ringing Cedars series Unfortunately, the library couldn t obtain the first book, Anastasia , for me, or any of the others, so far, except this one, so I felt I had been plunged into Megr s somewhat otherwise world at the deep end It was somewhat disorientating.
It s a very Russian book, understandably, since the author is Russian I don t know what I mean by that adjective in the present context, except that the author s values and interests seem to differ considerably from the usual European values There is a deep focus on traditional, cultural values going back thousands of years The main themes seem to be Go back to the land or country life, get some grounding and prioritize

I am rating the series overall.
In my opinion, this series could have easily been reduced to 3 or 4 novels By the end of it I no longer felt Anastasia s presence in the books at all The writing never improves either, and I am still left feeling no connection to Vladimir whatsoever.
What I will take away from this series though are the insights about gardening and creating my own family domain As well as trying to reconnect with my truest nature as a human being I would probably recommend reading only 1,3, 4,5 6 in the series fitting ending great ideas in this series, if you can get past the extremely poor writing

www.anastasia.ru Readers and press conferences take place in Russia and abroad.The author holds readers and press conferences in Russia and other countries.The most active readers of Ringing Cedars of Russia book series unite into public organizations, one of the aims of which is the creation of Kin s domains In 2010 another book Anasta was issued The author plans to write a scenario on the basis of his books.The author comments about himself and his books Good shall prevail on the earth The parade of worldly rulers, no matter what grand temples they might have built, will be remembered only by the filth they have bequeathed to their descendants Water will prove to be the criterion the measure of all things With each day that passes, the water seethes with and contamination.The above words were pronounced by a character from my books a recluse from the Siberian taiga, Anastasia.My name is Vladimir Megre I was born on the twenty third of July, 1950, in a Ukrainian village Then I studied, got married and worked in Siberia, but that isn t the main thing The most important aspect of my life emerged after my meeting with Anastasia.It was the beginning of perestroika in Russia, and I had just gone into business I was a leader of the Entrepreneurs of Siberia Association I used to sail with goods on a motor ship over the Siberian river Ob up toward the Arctic circle I enjoyed wandering around the taiga by myself, while the ship was moored.It was on an isolated bank of a taiga river that I one day met a recluse from the Siberian taiga Her name was Anastasia, and she would soon transform my outlook on life.