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¼ Writing Subtext ✓ Download by Ï Linda Seger Partly A How To Book, Partly An Exploration Of This Important Topic, Writing Subtext Explores All The Underlying Meanings That Lie Beneath The Words, Images, And Actions In Film, Which Are Also Applicable To Any Kind Of Fiction Writing Replete With Examples From Films, As Well As Examples From Real Life, Writing Subtext Helps The Writer Figure Out How To Find And Write Subtext Third book to read by Linda A smooth read as you expect from her So smooth that I actually finished two books today, I ve never even been able to finish a book in one day not to mention two I was especially eager for this one and gladly I wasn t disappointed for subtexting is a skill I lack.
The understanding of subtext can, not only be used in writing scripts, but also in real life when interacting with others and trying to understand them Of course movies novels are all about human interaction Agatha Christie is a genius in the field of human social relationships I always believed.
Text is just the tip of the iceberg of meaning The way the text is said and the way it is delivered by voice and gestures this applies to movies but not novels Do you think this dress look nice yeah, it s fine You look fat in it Pauses can translate into subtext too Are you I love a book that gets me thinking, and this one really does I ve known what subtext is forever, but I didn t realize how critical it is to the texture of a work, and how important for actors.
Seger explains that subtext drives a story, and now that I think about it I see why Subtext grows out of a character s motivation It is motivation The character may not tell you what she wants, but her goals and desires underlie and manifest themselves in everything she does So it s the writer s job to show us what she s really after in symbolic and oblique ways Brilliant While the book is extremely useful, I couldn t grasp it in one reading There s just too much to think about So after I ve pondered it a while, I will return to it again Some of that pondering will involve looking at my own work and assessing how much subtext I ve in While there is quite a lot in this book in helping writers to understand the mechanics of subtext not just the meanings beneath the words but what informs the text i.
e the implicit meaning , most of this book focuses on subtext from films Double Indemnity, The Big Short, Cheers, Ordinary People, etc So if you are a screen writer or playwright, I think you ll be happy to learn about the uses and methods on how subtext motivates, communicates, and can present scene conflict and tension I m a writer of novels and short stories so I was disappointed, expecting this book to also address novel writing It doesn t But there is a lot here to get you thinking and examining about character motivation and plot driven stories Seger says, subtext makes us ask why I did like how she explains the psychology beneath subtext, what s true, what s evasive, certainty vs Now I want to re read everything just to look for subtext and savor the writer s skill when I find it Much of my fiction reading lately has clearly been too on the nose and not up par with the classics I read when I was younger.
I will be reading this book again and again And praying I can learn all these techniques fingerscrossed With so many books available covering the basics of writing, e.
g structure, plot, characterisation, etc, I was surprised to learn how few authoritative publications there were on the use of subtext as a means to create emotional impact In fact, at the time of writing this review, I noticed just four dedicated books onattributed to the subject Of course, there are other retail outlets, but I didn t notice any further options there, either.
After a long and exhaustive search and having read some positive reviews, I eventually settled on Writing Subtext What Lies Beneath, by Linda Seger.
It was worth the wait and the frustration One of the things which quickly became apparent to me when I began reading the book was the many different forms of subtext, some of which I never new existed Or, perhaps I did, but had simply not thought of them as being Ba ar s z bir kitap Yazar 20 30 sayfada a klanabilecek bir fikri, i ire i ire 180 sayfaya karm G zel bir ba l k bulmu , piyasaya vermi Hollywood un nl senaryo dan manlar ndan biri oldu u i in ok sataca n d nm olabilir G le g le harcas n.
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The book is focused on screenplays, but it s still useful for writers of any kind of fiction Has a lot of good advice on different types of subtext and how to incorporate it into your work.

Dr Linda Seger has a Th.D in Drama and Theology, and created her script consulting business based on her dissertation project about the elements needed to make a script work She explored the integration of Drama and Spirituality during her five years in seminary She holds three M.A degrees Drama from Northwestern University, Religion and the Arts from Pacific School of Religion, and Feminist