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[ Read Online Deal with the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 1) (English Edition) ↠´ des morts-vivants PDF ] by Meghan March Í You Can Put That Man In A Suit, But He Ll Never Be TameOne Look At Jericho Forge And I Knew The Rumors Were True He Was A Predator, And He Had Set His Sights On MeI Knew Better Than To Bet Than I Could Afford To Lose That Night I Knew Better Than To Bet Myself But Desperation Leads To Bad Decisions, And I Thought There Was No Way I Could LoseI Was WrongNow I Have No Choice But To Make A Deal With The Devil Deal With The Devil Is The First Book Of The Forge Trilogy Jericho And India S Story Continues In Luck Of The Devil Book And Concludes In Heart Of The Devil Book All Three books Are Available Now I won t be continuing this series The last three series by March have been unimaginative and very regular to me I think I ll just stick with my favorites of her prior works.
This book is such a disappointment I ve loved every one before this what a mess Definitely not up to MM s norm Hope it s just a blip Look forward to the next trilogy, I ll reread the other book s in the meantime.
I can t be too specific in this review in order to avoid anything that could be spoilers, so just know that if you have read about and loved Meghan March s heroes like Mount, Kane, and Creighton then you will love Jericho Forge He is an alpha, powerful, intuitive, ruthless, risk taking billionaire But he is also burly, rough, and rugged He is used to getting what he wants and does not get attached He can read people and see their truths, and then use it against them He has an enemy and he is determined to make him pay in any way he can.
The woman who catches his eye is intelligent and street smart She is confident, savvy, proud, strong, and untrusting of men She has a fiery temper and can be bold and impulsive And she I m having a hard time deciding exactly how I feel about Deal with the Devil On the one hand, I was utterly wrapped up in the story, and I ve never read anything quite like it On the other, the arrangement between Forge Jericho and India is a little lopsided or at least it seems that way on the surface All in all, though, I m completely fascinated by the entire plot, all the players, and attempting to decipher how things are going to play out as the series continues.
I was there for Jericho Forge, his intensity, and his desire to avenge those who did him wrong He often came across as heavy handed, but there was something underlying all of that bravado that made me care for him and want to know all his secrets I was also incredibly affected by the way he thought about India, even as he w