[Dave Perrotta] ↠´ The Hook Up Handbook: 28 Sex Fundamentals to Give Her Mind-Blowing Orgasms [nouveau testament PDF] Read Online ✓ itelemedicine.pro

[Dave Perrotta] ↠´ The Hook Up Handbook: 28 Sex Fundamentals to Give Her Mind-Blowing Orgasms [nouveau testament PDF] Read Online ✓ Mr Perotta has created a good guide to enhance the pleasurable interaction between women and the men who desire them Straight forward advise.
Discover How To Last Longer In Bed, Give Women Mind Blowing Orgasms, And Drastically Improve Your Sex Life What If You Could Last As Long As You Want Every Time You Had Sex What If You Actually Looked Forward To Sex, Instead Of Being Insecure About Your Sexual Performance What If You Were The Guy Who Women Raved About To Their Friends After A Night Of Endless Orgasms What If You Gave Your Girlfriend Such Incredible Sex That She Literally Got Addicted To You That Would Make Life A Lot Fun, Right Well, It S Not Out Of Your Reach All Of This Is Very Possible And You Ll Discover Exactly How To Do It In The Hook Up Handbook It S A Set Of Fundamentals That Any Man Can Use To Get Laid Whenever He Wants, Last Longer In Bed, And Give A Girl The Best Sex She S Ever Had Here S What You Ll Learn In The Hook Up Handbook Four Hacks To Unlock Your Natural Sexual Vibe And Become Irresistible To Women A Simple Finger Dance That Makes Her Squirt Uncontrollably Five Cunnilingus Techniques That Make Her Scream Your Name The Best Sex Positions Guaranteed To Make Her Orgasm The Shocking Shades Truth About How To Be Dominant In The Bedroom Six Secrets To Lasting As Long As You Want You Will Never Finish Too Soon How To Get The Hardest Erections Every Single Time She Won T Want Anyone Else And Much, Much Plus, There S A Recap At The End Of Every Chapter And At The End Of The Audiobook So You Can Easily Absorb And Reference Each Of The Fundamentals Handbook Style As You Learn And Apply These Fundamentals, You Ll Build Your Sexual Prowess And Ability In Doing So, You Ll Give Off A Magnetic Vibe Of Confidence And Sexiness Women Will Be Drawn To You, And Other Men Will Be Jealous Your Sex Life Will Be Abundant, Your Relationships Will Flourish, And You Ll Experience Sex In A Way That Few Men Ever Will I haven t been in the game for a long time and it s hard to build confidence again Here is a lot of useful information though to help get a guy back on the right track Very helpful with direct guidlines, easy to follow and understand Book is definitely worth a read.
GREAT INFORMATION ON BEING A MASCULINE MAN WHEN DEALING WITH WOMEN ENJOY READING VERY MUCH I m decent at sex, and I ve got a few good moves up my sleeve But one thing that has given me trouble is that after a while, sex starts to get boring, especially if it s with the same girl.
The ideas on variety in this book have helped me a lot in that regard From variations of different positions, to varying time of day and a whole bunch , this book gives a crash course on sexual variety I feel like I have everything I need to keep sex interesting no matter how many times I sleep with one girl.

This book is both useful and very engaging Not only does the author do a great job of offering very practical, technical advice about stuff like sex positions, he also shares a lot psychological stuff about how to change your lifestyle and behavior in order to attract women and spice up your sex life It s a very comprehensive book, and it s not afraid of acknowledging the complexity of female sexuality It s also got information in it that could help out anyone, from the single to people who just want to jazz up the sex in their relationships And it s all written in a very lively, entertaining voice, so you re not gonna have to bore yourself to tears in order to take advantage of the author s knowledge.
Another great book to use as a guide on areas to improve your skills with women Be a 1%er with women

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre The Hook Up Handbook: 28 Sex Fundamentals to Give Her Mind-Blowing Orgasms , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Dave Perrotta auteurs dans le monde.