Download Epub Format ✓ The Good Widow: A Novel (English Edition) PDF by ñ Liz Fenton

Download Epub Format ✓ The Good Widow: A Novel (English Edition) PDF by ñ Liz Fenton When someone you love dies, your pain and grief feel unbearable This is rendered even debilitating when your loved one dies unexpectedly.
For Jacks, the death of her husband James feels almost cruel Their last words to each other were borne of frustration and heartache, so to lose him forever, knowing that she can t undo that conversation or what led to it, tortures her.
Imagine, then, how much severe that torture becomes when she learns that James was not in Kansas for a business meeting when he died Nor was he alone Another younger woman, Dylan, was with him, and the two were in Maui.
Jacks is reeling, her grief and confusion consuming her When Dylan s equally confused and grief stricken fianc Nick shows up, Jacks finds someone who understands what she s feeling and experiencing Nick sug Charts Bestselling Authors Liz Fenton And Lisa Steinke Make Their Suspense Debut In This Twisty, Emotional ThrillerElementary School Teacher Jacqueline Jacks Moraless Marriage Was Far From Perfect, But Even In Its Ups And Downs It Was Predictable, Familiar Or At Least She Thought It Wasuntil Two Police Officers Showed Up At Her Door With Devastating News Her Husband Of Eight Years, The One Who Should Have Been On A Business Trip To Kansas, Had Suffered A Fatal Car Accident In Hawaii And He Wasnt AloneFor Jacks, Laying Her Husband To Rest Was Hard But It Was Even Harder To Think That His Final Moments Belonged To Another Womanone Who Had Left Behind Her Own Grieving And Bewildered Fianc Nick, Just As Blindsided By The Affair, Wants Answers So He Suggests That He And Jacks Search For The Truth Together, Retracing The Doomed Lovers Last Days In ParadiseNow, Following The Twisting Path Of That Fateful Road, Jacks Is Learning That Nothing Is Ever As It Seems Not Her Marriage Not Her Husband And Most Certainly Not His DeathLiz Fenton And Lisa Steinke Have Been Best Friends For Than Twenty Five Years Theyve Survived High School, College, And The Publishing Of Three Novels Together Liz Lives In San Diego, California, With Her Husband And Two Children Lisa, A Former Talk Show Producer, Now Lives In Chicago, Illinois, With Her Husband, Daughter, And Two Bonus Children Visit Liz And Lisa At Lizandlisa I bought this book because it s supposed to be a suspenseful thriller Almost 3 4 of the book later, I have not read anything suspenseful It s like a daytime soap opera this is probably why it got so many 5 star reviews a lot of women love that stuff I had to go back and re read the Kindle description because I thought I had misunderstood The book contains mostly repetitive fillers and irrelevant flashbacks There is a flashback for every single action the characters do I m not exaggerating It wasn t until almost at the end of the book that the suspense happened, but I had already figured out who the bad guy was long before that Additionally, all the characters are unlikable, especially the main character She s dumb, weak, helpless, a doormat, and afraid to do an

I didn t read any of the burbs for this book so had no idea what it was about At first, I thought it a bit boring but it didn t take long for it to take hold Jacqueline Jacks Morales is left reeling with the news that her husband James is dead after his car tumbles off a cliff in Maui Worse yet, his death uncovers an affair with a woman named Dylan, who also died in the Jeep along with James Caught in a tailspin of emotion, Jacks shuts down until she gets a surprise visit from Nick Dylan s equally devastated fianc , who suggests they seek closure by retracing James and Dylan s steps in Maui There is much to this story that will have you turning the pages till you reach the end There are a lot of unexpected twists and turns in this book If you enjoy mystery and growth, friendships and family, you will enjoy this book A 4.
5 for a well written novel.
This was not twisty or a thriller In fact, as I got well into it I decided I must have misremembered the description It was shaping up as a slightly better than average relationship book In the aftermath of the unexpected death we start exploring the relationships of two couples, each person recollecting their loves from their respective view points, past and present Not suspenseful, but not bad, so I kept going and enjoyed it for the most part Finally, at almost the end, the authors throw in a gratuitous surprise that allowed them to categorize the book as suspense So yes, the description was not misremembered after all, but don t go into this book thinking you are going to have a tension filled, page turning ride.