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[ Pdf Beckoning Fates (The Beginning After The End Book 3) (English Edition) ¹ conception PDF ] by TurtleMe ß King Grey Has Unrivaled Strength, Wealth, And Prestige In World Governed Through Martial Ability However, Solitude Lingers Closely Behind Those With Great Power Beneath The Glamorous Exterior Of A Powerful King Lurks The Shell Of Man, Devoid Of Purpose And WillReincarnated Into A New World Filled With Magic And Monsters, The King Has A Second Chance To Relive His Life Correcting The Mistakes Of His Past Will Not Be His Only Challenge, However Underneath The Peace And Prosperity Of The New World Is An Undercurrent Threatening To Destroy Everything He Has Worked For, Questioning His Role And Reason For Being Born Again Rd Volume Of The TBATE Series The first two parts of this series were pretty good Unfortunately it seems the author decided to make this portion a mix of every anime trope with a child s popularity fantasy Everyone saying how attractive the main character is, how strong he is, how jealous people are, etc gets old when it fills every other page.
Seriously, it doesn t even make sense sometimes Like noone is ever suspicious of this prodigy that acts like an adult, knows engineering, can control magic unlike the kind from his world better thanow people that have studied it for decades longer, etc which is because he was an orphan that became a king they just trust him with the people they care for, their most important items, betray their business ethics, etc All because he s just so darn cute and talented.
I definitely get the sense the author is trying to thicken the plot Making the main character ponder his flaws Adding a bit of relationship drama And introducing mysterious difficulties for the main party to over come While some what interesting, all this introduces a few too many bad feelings As such the overall vibe of the story feels off for me.
I graded it Three star, because the start of the series was good BUT, a big but the storyin this books devolved in a cheap rip off of mahouka koukou no rettousei, Gakuen Toshi Asterisk and Freezing, the anime the author took inspiration from Seriously I understand that he want to send some winks to what he like, but being an author is also taking the works of other and making it your own Doing something unique is best when you write a novel so xianxia in its setting.
I ll keep reading because I like Sylvie and Tessia, though.
This series vol 1 to 3 has been very similar to some of the japanese web novels theme with reincarnation, academy life, adventurer s guild, A ranks, S ranks, SS ranks, lolis and power ranking as well as the main character to win against people with higher ranks If you have read some of the translated web novels then you will notice the similarities.
The story is average and common with minor twists but interesting enough to keep you reading The magic system is interesting enough but a bitdetailed and certain restrictions would be nice The development will need a large amount of planning because you can feel the author was just throwing whatever sticks and failed to fully develop certain plot points There seem to be some sort of underline plot by the end of volume 3 so there i