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[ Pdf The Pure Lover: A Memoir of Grief ↠´ boiseries PDF ] by David Plante ↠´ How A Book Can Be At Once So Raw And So Artful Is A Mystery The Pure Lover Joins A Handful Of Necessary Volumes That Speak Directly From Griefs Wild, Inconsolable Center, And Readers Will Find It Bracing, Unflinching, And Honest To The Core Mark Doty, Author Of Heavens CoastA Wrenching And Boldly Intimate LamentPhilip Roth The Pure Lover Leaves One Exalted A Lovely Book, Joyful, Plangent And TrueMichael Dirda, The Washington Post The Pure Lover Is A Short But Moving Elegy Its A Difficult Subject, Handled With Lyricism, Pain, Indiscretion And LoveMargaret Drabble, New StatesmanDavid Plantes Fine Meditation On Love And Loss Is The Work Of One Who Has Been There And Who Knows That It Is The Dying Who Are Losing All And That The Grief We Obtain Is The Survivors Treasure Edward Albee Innovative And Incantatory Bracingly Poignant A Cumulative Portrait, Taken In Snapshots, Of A Long Term Gay Relationship Thats As Valid A Marriage As Any Other Jason Roush, The Gay And Lesbian Review A Fierce Encapsulation Of Grief, The Fundamentally Private Wrought Wrenchingly Public This Sublime Remembrance A Compilation Of Memory Fragments Than A Linear Life Storyevokes A Whole Man In Truth, Two Whole Men Richard Labonte, Book Marks Best Of From The Trade Paperback Edition The Pure Lover Is David Plantes Elegy To His Beloved Nikos Stangos, Their Forty Year Life Together, And Its Tragic End Written In Vivid Fragments That, Like The Pieces Of A Mosaic, Come Together Into A Glimmering Whole, It Shows Us Both The Wild Nature Of Grief And The Intimate Conversation That Is Love From The Trade Paperback Edition his book is beautifully written, and told almost in fragments but in a way that each fragment touches upon their relationship and prompted a thought or memory of mine I do not know how many times I wept, and I know at least twice I openly sobbed The beauty and at times simplicity of their love, that the love flourished, and enabled both to experience a freedom that only comes with true love and the complete agony when one crosses over It s here If you re grieving, I recommend this read You won t forget it.

For all those in the civilized world dismayed by the recent setbacks queers have faced novelist David Plante has written a powerful, baleful rallying cry that sings with divine grace to the loving relationship he had for over 40 years with his partner Nikos Stangos His memoir, The Pure Lover, is a stunning, ethereal testimony to the love that can exist between gays.
The first chapters concern the family history of Nikos Stangos Here, the reader is assured in that David had heard these stories from Nikos so many times that it would be very hard to place them in any specific place of telling, for the two men s histories had almost become one, with the memories mixed together David writes with empathy of Nikos s past in Europe during the Second World War And the reader David Plante s elegy to his lover Nikos Stangos, The Pure Lover, is a heart rending account of the forty years that Plante and Stangos were lovers, living in London Though an elegy, The Pure lover is a paean to gay love, one that counts the joy and the pain of a lifetime of devotion Their marriage ended with Nikos death of cancer Plante prose is minimalist, but it is so highly suggestive that it reminds one of poetry His book, I firmly believe, will attain the status of classic in the literature of grief I most highly recommend it, it is a book that soars, and you will be uplifted For details about Plante and Stangos, I recommend Plante s diaries, the first, Becoming a Londoner, the second due to come out in 2015.